5 video installations

Safavi House & Aknoon Gallery

This proposal is a song for 3 voices on 3 territories, untitled White Canvas:
Marseille (France), 5 art works were selected in the frame of the 36 Festival Les Instants Vidéo
Montreal (Canada), Rojin Shafiei wrote a curatorial text inspired by the art works
Ispahan (Iran), Elnaz Rajabiyan (Safavi House & Aknoon Gallery) will create the setting for the works and the public


White Canvas  

The exhibition invites the participants to embark on a journey through the intricate intersections of art, architecture, and literature. The white canvas is the starting point, symbolising the blank space where artists unleash their imagination. It represents infinite possibilities and invites contemplation on the boundaries that both inspire and confine artistic expression. Our curated videos delve into these walls, inviting viewers to challenge conventional notions and push beyond limitations to create meaningful connections with the world around them. Through the selected video art works, we explore the interplay between walls and artistic responses. Some artists choose to embrace the constraints, using them as a springboard for innovation and exploring the depths of the human spirit. Others break down the walls, defying conventions and venturing into uncharted territories of creativity. Blank Canvas seeks to ignite a dialogue between the boundaries of art, the purity of white, and the transformative nature of poetry. We invite participants to immerse themselves in this multidimensional experience and embrace the inherent possibilities of creation within walls. 

L‘inconnue de la Seine

9'06 | 2020 | Allemagne
  • Angelika Haak

The sublunar world

10’ | 2022 | France-Espagne
  • Albert Merino


5’45 | 2020 | France
  • Yann Chapotel

L’Estiu Robat

3’10 | 2020 | Espagne
  • Isabel Val Sánchez