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Wednesday, January 25: LTK4, Köln, Germany LTK4 a free art space curated by […]

Editorial of 35 Festival

The 35th Festival Les Instants Vidéo will take place between October, 21 to December 4, 2022 in Marseille and elswhere (the exhibition will end January, 29, 2023). The international encounters will be in la Friche la Belle de Mai, Novembe

Friche la Belle de Mai

From November 10 to January 22 : 19 video installations at the Tour Panorama + 1 video installation during the International encounters at the Seita room

5 Performances
Friche la Belle de Mai

From November 9 to 12: Paul Jacques Yves Guilbert / Denis Cartet / Rochus Aust & the Quintet LTK4 / Jules Vipaldo (with Laure Ballester, Jules Vipaldo & Christophe Roque) / Sarah Violaine

Instants Vidéo numériques et poétiques