… in front of a useless sentence The 35 Festival Les Instants Vidéo will take place between October, 21 to […]

32th Instants Video 2019

From Octobre 25 to December, 30 you are invited to follow us in our local and international itinerary : exhibitions, screening […]

31st Instants Vidéo 2018

The festival will take place between November 7 till December 2, in Marseilles and elsewehere. More info to come soon.

30th Instants Video 2017

Pré(M)édito, To Chantal, Anne and Marc, I am lucky! I am lucky to co-direct an association whose project has enchanted […]

29th Instants Vidéo 2016

Eighty years ago (1936), the Spanish fascists killed the poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Today, we are killing poetry! Poetic State […]

28th Instants Video 2015

You wanted me a virgin, I wanted you less dumb (stupid) ! Beware of people who dream as if you […]

27th Les Instants Vidéo 2014

Towards the free movement of bodies and desires  Video art is a contemporary art … of the struggle of those […]

26th Instants Video 2013

Where did video art come from ? Where is video art today? Where is video art going ? Video art […]

25th Instants Video 2012

… And we are beautiful ! On February 21st , four young girls (The Pussy Riot) burst with guitars and […]

24th Instants Video 2011

Poetical Revolutions What to do ? The media called « Arab spring » the revolts which rose when winter came […]

23rd Instants Video 2010

“There exist interwoven lands, in which species blend together, where roads are indeterminate, where mountains suddenly flatten out and rivers […]

22nd Instants Video 2009

Have you seen the horizon, lately ? We’ve been roaming the world through long trips this year. Our only piece […]

21st Instants Video 2008

The Incas used to say : Man is earth walking. We live together on a wandering earth. Our roots lie […]

20th Instants Video 2007

Against weapons of mass distraction Dare intimate caresses innovations At the heart of these 20C Instants Video: Palestine. “Heart” is […]

19th Instants Video 2006

When Willy Legaud gave us the proposal poster that illustrates the cover of the catalog of the 19st Instants Vidéo, […]

18th Instants Video 2005

Memory stunning End of May 2005, we wandered the streets of Mar del Plata, Argentina, in our wallets with shells […]

17th Instants Video 2004

Our first words are at the hundreds of people who have lent last year hands-soft to resist coup mills hopes. […]

16th Instants Video 2003

Image round the body Manosque. City where he lived his last years the ex-situationist Ralph Rumney. Instants Video makes him […]

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