Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques
Friche la Belle de Mai

Who are we ?

In the field of video art creation in Marseille Region, our association holds a singular position, both in its approach and in its artistic choices, which is the result of a long-term project carried out on our home base as well as at an international level.

Video art, a crucial un-discipline

From its creation in 1963 by artists from the Fluxus Avant-garde, (with Nam June Paik and Wolf Vostell), video art was marked by its link to new technologies as well as its interest in combining artistic disciplines (music, sculpture, visual arts, dance, poetry…).


The Instants Video defines itself as a festival dedicated to electronic poetry. We call electronic poetry all new innovative process of audiovisual and multimedia writing, what Deleuze used to say about poetry: a language almost foreigner. It is here that we can find our definition of multimedia, an art that is tainted, hybrid, in favour of all kind of crossings and changes.

Instants Vidéo numériques et poétiques