4 video installations

Three social organisations are transforming part of their workspace into an art gallery to present a video work.
Our common project is to introduce a new way of using art, to encourage people who don’t necessarily have the opportunity to meet to do so, and to explore territories rarely explored by contemporary art.
Because art is political “only when it constructs the polis, the space, the city or the countryside in which we live. It does not become political because it discusses or represents certain events rather than others; it becomes political when it takes the form of our relationship to the world and to space”. (Emanuele Coccia, philosopher, lecturer at the Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales).
With the GPEs, the separation between the museum spaces and the rest of the urban space is reduced. With the GPEs, art exists in our lives, where we work, where we live, where we affirm our existence in the world.
With our partners, we hope to open a breach in this omnipresent specialisation (of spaces, people, activities) and to create a space for new encounters, and perhaps lead to a disruption of the habits and norms that govern our social relationships.

On Tuesday 17 October, there will be 3 openings:
at 2.30, Espoir Provence will welcome us for a café-vernissage, then at 4.00 SARA Logisol will offer us a gouter-vernissage and we’ll end our tour at 5.30 in ADPEI for an aperitif-vernissage.




10 rue de Brandis 10005 Marseille


18 bd Camille Flammarion, 13001 Marseille – October, 08 to 25
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (9.30 to 12.30 and 2 to 5.30)


54 rue de Crimée, 13003 Marseille – October, 8 to 25
Monday from 10am to 12pm, from Tuesday to Friday (10am to 3pm)

Tohu va bohu

12’58 | 2022 | France
  • Lou Le Forban

I’m not a robot

2’41 | 2022 | France
  • Julie Halazy

L’écran tactile

5’16 | 2022 | France
  • Thibault Jehanne


3’38 | 2022 | Allemagne
  • Maria Korporal