1 video installation

La Nuit de l’Instant 

Since 2010, La Nuit de l’Instant has been taking a different look at the presence of photography in other artistic media and practices: videos, slideshows, installations, performances, films, paintings, projections, drawings, photofilms… For 2 days, from midday to midnight, this artistic and joyful stroll will explore the Joliette district as only La Nuit de l’Instant can, bringing together a wide range of venues: schools, art galleries, restaurants, wastelands, artists’ studios, departmental archives, theaters and other surprises.

*content warning: mention of physical and mental abuse

Ignis Fatuus aka La promesse fallacieuse part 1, 2, 3, 4

4'19 | 2015/2023 | France
  • Clémence B.T Barret