Our first words are at the hundreds of people who have lent last year hands-soft to resist coup mills hopes. We showed (c) tion poétronique after time beat of the wing, was able to resume its flight. Elsewhere. Territory without residential, we opted for the experience of nomadism and blackmail the names of the cities which we welcome, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Nice, Metz, Martigues, Hérouville St. Clair … Constellation moving our drift poétroniques! This new configuration of our festival involved with each of our guests, partners, exchanges that have changed. A cooperative desires! We have not canvassed. We learned to walk. The nomad is the desert. The desert is the nomads. To say something of nomadism, a language must be nomadic, moving. The poets. Which contains a multitude of possible without ever setting any. Intelligence dancing! It is this language that we had to call constantly throughout the journey of Instants Vidéo since 1988. And we récidiverons long. After our flight from Manosque, we founded an association Instants Video Digital Poetics. It is up to the meeting smiling to invent new futures. Horizons to what? In an article published in 1929, Jorge Luis Borges are two words for the cinema: cinema (writing movement), and a term typically used to Argentine mid-50s, biographer (life writing). Electronic poetry understood as life writing, this is a fascinating destination! In spring 2004, we stopped at the Théâtre de Marseille Lenche to get wet in the business Théâtro video-poetry of Fernando Pessoa intranquille post. Then we crossed the Atlantic with a cargo holds in our electronic poems that we projected on the screens of Museums of Modern Art in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. And suddenly, we entered the IMPA (a plant “recovered” which recycles aluminum) where laborers and artists have formed a cooperative. The same bias of life, we have seen shine in other ways, in the eyes of artists met there. We brought some meteorites poétroniques we offer. Poetic travel on boats are still drunk. Invent now here on our shores-dreams médiaterranéens that is in tune with our utopias caressed? How to share the joyous rapture of creative rebellion? How to clear a path that draws our comfort cessation of institutional culture and the delights of a margin insulating and distressing? How to be couriers words-music-images clandestine invite to experience being chilled by a “truth”? How to raise our desires to match our dreams poélitiques rather than govern more than just minor modes of expression and consensus market? These questions, please submit them so that they become a common good in a seed-discipline artistic and political. Electronic arts, and more, digital reactualize the issue of ephemeral quality of the artistic object. Are we not in front of a row of art on the movement of food supplies, interchangeable perishable dévitalisantes according to the laws of the market? Electronic and digital poetry must bear that warning to be able to release a significant truth: chaos born a shooting star. At the same time, prolongs the Satellite Net Art Art invented by Nam June Paik, where images of the world could simultaneously and instantaneously mix. A dream as old as the world. A desire to TV (see below and direct the vibrations of this): Moon is the first tv, said Paik (the inventor of video art). Our cine-nomadic stellar reveal perhaps as a plot to confuse the evidence in favor of a duty to be fragile. A journey through the night to become stars. So shine a thousand lights! We write books, poétroniques lips with the tip of our colorful smiles, because the sadness is overwhelming that he who renounces … Marc Mercier