Deadline: May 31, 2023

Deadline May, 31

A cooperation between Instants Vidéo Marseille (France) & LTK4 Cologne (Germany)

Imagine you are visiting a Museum: you lock up your handbag, your umbrella or what ever you carry with you, which is not allowed in the exhibition rooms. You believe your belongings are save in the locker. But can you be sure? Do you really have an idea what happens inside the locker while you get inspired by the arts? Are your belongings inspired as well or just bored or – you never know – naughty?

To investigate Rochus Aust and Verena Barié, both artist-curators at LTK4 in Cologne/Germany, visited french Museums and recorded the inside-audio of lockers over various periods of time. In continuation they prepared the audios following three rules: densing, transposing, roomificating. The result are small abstract soundtracks for not yet created visual content. 

Instants Vidéo & LTK4 encourage creatives to make use of these soundtracks for their own imag(e)ination. Take it, use it, show it.

The audios are provided for free artistic use here:
with a mandatory credit stating audio by

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