Monday November 28 at 2 pm : Screening, Discussion
Gaza French Institut

In July 2022, the IV went to Palestine for the realisation of the 7 biennal of video and performance art /si:n/ that we co-founded with our partners from the A.M. Qattan Foundation (in 2009). It is a story that weaves itself in time to better anchor itself in the daily life of the two territories. For us, cooperation also means bringing back knowledge, experience, understanding and imagination of the other, of the elsewhere, which will stimulate the “inner journeys” of those who engage with us. This is why we want the festival to welcome a return from Palestine to Marseille but also make a stopover in Gaza. The inhabitants of Gaza are invited for an international screening programme followed by a video-conversation with the IV artistic team and some of the artists presented.

2.00pm Our lives seem like a perfect movie (64′)

« A little bit of plastic beauty to erase the dark circles around our eyes
Of chemical pleasure for our brains so dull
Let our lives seem like a perfect movie » (L)

Tiny Tragedy in Life

4’05 | 2017 | Taïwan
  • Yi-Yu Tsai

How does it feel to be punched in the face ?

3′ | 2021 | UK
  • Fran Orallo

Bab Sebta

20′ | 2019 | Maroc
  • Randa Maroufi


0’54 | 2021 | Allemagne
  • Reinhard Hoelker

Le Monde et la Machine

9’19 | 2022 | Canada
  • Jean-François Côté

On Off

2’59 | 2020 | Corée du sud
  • Shingyu Kang

Pretend You’re There

2’29 | 2021 | US
  • Katie Colosimo

Devil’s Chapel

8’11 | 2020 | Argentine
  • Mario Manríquez

Confluence I

8’45 | 2014 | Allemagne
  • Davide De Lillis, Julia Metzger-Traber

Press Pound to Connect

2’31 | 2019 | US
  • Alexander Fingrutd