The festival couldn’t exist without the priceless help of many! Thousand flowers to all artists and specta(c)tors, to the friends and partners who have placed their trust in all that. 

For the share of their poetry 
Blondie, Britney Spears, Christophe, Richard Cocciante, Corynne Charby, Dalida, Mylène Farmer, Elli Medeiros, HK, Maëlle, Marie Laforêt, Carole Laure, Maxime Le Forestier, L’Impératrice, Lio, Clara Luciani,Niagara, Sapho, Anne Sylvestre

The persons who welcome you, are bartending, serve meals, translate the debates in English (or in French), go pick up the artists… don’t get paid for these responsibilities. They accompany the poelitic project of the festival and make it a festival of the Humanities.

Ella Carrara
Nadège Cormier  
Sophie Charlotte Gautier 
Patrice Garnero
Yann Gicquel

Vincent Makowski  

Cerise Martens
Gabriel Mattei 
Lola Mercier
Marine M’Sili 
Sophie Poulard

Gatien Raimbault
Michèle Rodriguez

The festival team
Artistic team: Tiffanie Taveau, Samuel Bester, Willy Legaud, Jako Blanc
Direction of production: Naïk M’Sili
Technical coordinator: Samuel Bester, assisted by Mher Kafalian
Graphic and web designer: Willy Legaud
Relations to the audiences: Tiffanie Taveau
Maitre queux (Chef): Jean-Jacques Blanc

The 35 Festival Les Instants Vidéo is a production by l’association des Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques, supported by the City of Marseille (DGAC), the Conseil Général des Bouches-du-Rhône (CG13), Conseil Régional PACA (CR PACA), the Ministry of Culture (DRACPACA).
We are also supported by the Friche la Belle de Mai, as well as a large number of organisations in France and abroad. A special thanks to the technical team of la Friche who helped us to finalised the project.

Don’t be surprised if young people with cameras and microphones wander among you, they are certainly students of the University of Aix-Marseille of the Master Ecritures documentaires who use the festival as an experimentation ground, accompanied by their teacher Pascal Césaro. 

More than ever, the entrance is open and free because we think that art is priceless, that we demand a lot to our guests’ sensitive-attentive-eyes, that every program-encounter is a general assembly of the living, that our payment is your speech-listening-breathing-laughter-and-thought.

A warm thanks to the media (press, magazines, TV and radio) which follow our actions and REF (Réseau Euromed France) and Territoires Solidaires, of which we are active members.