From November 8 to 25 in Marseille : SARA Logisol, ADPEI, Espoir Provence

The project of the popular ephemeral galleries stems from the shared desire to decompartmentalise universes as different as those of social work, culture, art (education, the media…).
With our partners, we hope to open a breach in this omnipresent specialisation and to create a space for new encounters, and perhaps lead to a disruption of the habits and norms that govern our social relationships.

SARA Logisol

54 rue de Crimée, 13003 Marseille – November 8 to 25
Monday from 10am to 12pm, from Tuesday to Friday (10am to 3pm)

Life Goals (4’50 – 2020) Noora Geagea (Finland)
A pregnant woman acts as a goalkeeper on a football field. Sometimes the ball goes past the goalkeeper, other times she makes an amazing save, and once in a while she loses her strength. In Life goals, a human being is everything: an active subject, an object of action, a survivor, a mortal, and a protector of life. The video is a condensed depiction of life. 


18 bd Camille Flammarion, 13001 Marseille – November 08 to 25
Monday, Wednesday, Friday (9.30 to 12.30 and 2 to 5.30)

Uchronism (6’19 – 2021) / Daniel Locus (Belgium) 
During the pandemic, demonstrating alone in your garden, playing with words, clichés, ideas.

Justus Lipsius (2’05 – 2021) / Miguel Rozas Balboa (Chile)
A projection divided into four monitors, where we observe the same journalist at different times of the day, impatiently waiting for his live entrance on television. We recognize in him his humanity, his fragility and insecurity, before delivering to us viewers, a “truth”.

Espoir Provence

(User access only)

PNEUMA (2’30 – 2015) / Antonello Matarazzo (Italy)
PNEUMA investigates the threshold between immobility and transformation, highlighting the slow mutation of an ancient olive tree, represented in the detail of the trunk as opposed to analog face an old farmer. The variety of forms of the bark of the olive is, perhaps more than any other plant species, a tree that is an almost instinctive anthropomorphic equivalence, in the face of a wrinkled old farmer. The morphing of the face and the winding wooden formations are a metaphor for the constant sacrifice that the two forms of life (man-tree) bring into being. Organic forms of powerful symbolic value, absorbed into the relentless cycle of nature, where everything changes and nothing is destroyed.