From November 25 to 30 : Exhibitions

Girls, they breathe under water

Two spaces for two exhibitions by French women artists
Safavi house and Aknoon art gallery, from November, 25 to 30

This stop of the festival in Iran is the result of a fruitful encounter between the artist-curator Rojiin Shafiei, les IV artistic collectif and the director of the galleries in Isfahan, Elnaz Rajabian.
A conversation between the collective and Rojin inspired the selection of the art works, in echo to the statement Girls, they breathe under water.

“They are way worse
Than in Shakespeare
They have teeth under their skin” (L’I)

I was Where I was (2′ – 2021) / Gabriele Rossi (France)
Someone got lost. All night long, she tries to find the way out.

Our home (11’35 – 2020) / Oh Eun Lee (France)
In 2016, I went to see my parents in South Korea with my one-year old son and met them for the first time. During my stay, I decided that my mother should stay in a nursing home. 

Selfportraits (8’19 – 2022) / Macha Ovtchinnikova (France)
In the archive footage of amateur filmmakers, my mother and I find traces of our common past in Russia in the 1990s: an idyllic childhood for me, a harsh time for her. This film is a video performance made with no effects added in post-production. 

Je marche à l’envers (8’43 – 2019) / Marie Léa Regales (France)
This is a video game. In this game, you have to create the perfect replica of the place where you grew up.

Oh qu’elle est belle ! (1’15 – 2016) / Amélie Berrodier (France)
Surrounded, a little girl is watching the grown ups talking together.

Petite nature (5’42 – 2022) / Sophie-Charlotte Gauthier (France)
I am rarely that hungry. It is a really violent hunger, almost painful. Wide-eyed, I don’t need anymore sleep.