Friday November 11 from 2 pm : Welcome, Screenings, Performances, Discussions, Carte blanche

2pm It’s always about luck (55’)

« As we don’t choose either
The streets of Manila,Paris or Algiers
To learn how to walk,
To be born somewhere, For the one who begins to live
It’s always about luck » (M.LF.)

Pneuma (29’14 – 2021) / Fanny Béguély (France)
The storm rumbles, a bed sinks into the night. My mother, sisters, brother and I share stories of humans and plants. In the past, we would tie ourselves to trees to heal. In the past, still, we would burn for our remedies. Under the reflection of a moon, foliage moves with the naked eye, bacteria fertilize the air, and sea grass threaten: a day will come when the world will turn upside down.

Hybrid Terrains (6’06 – 2021) / Elise Guillaume (Belgium)
Set in a botanical glasshouse, Hybrid Terrains brings vegetal and human bodies into dialogue. With audio created from electromagnetic signals emitted by plants, the work seeks a non anthropocentric approach to filmmaking. The film invites us to observe, sense and question our relationship with the vegetal world.

Revolykus (12’12 – 2020) / Victor Orozco Ramirez (Germany)
Several years ago I immigrated to Germany. Here, I live in a small old house, which urgently needs modernization; theoretically it protects me from wind, rain and cold.

Conte nu (6’08 – 2022) / Muriel Carpentier (France)
Conte nu (« Naked Tales ») could be turned, with the same syllables, into “Contenu” (« Contents »). Content in a box. Content in a mirror. In my head. In my life. Perhaps by searching for who I am, I could find the path to my own freedom.

3.30pm In front of a useless sentence (52’)

« The words that we say with our eyes
Talking seems ridiculous to me
I jump forward and then step back
In front of a useless sentence
Which would break the fragile moment » (C.)

In Platons Höhle? (2’47 – 2018) / Johannes Gierlinger (Austria)
A group of people demonstrated. They are now 4 years older. A young woman is recording sounds. She heard someone in the recording saying: Sometimes we have to listen very carefully! A picture with 3 possible answers. A.B.C. Someone says: All cats are beautiful … and all cats are watching carefully!

Soap is an Illusion (Dirt: Part One) (20’30 – 2022) / David Finkelstein (USA)
Soap is an Illusion plunges the viewer into the volatility of our conflicting attractions to dirt and cleanliness. A collage of poetic imagery, music, and abstracted, incantatory language, the film follows two men in an excavation of our cultural soil. Their dialog gives rise to unexpected landscapes, populated by revengeful toasters, soap bubbles which fly on magic carpets, and other surprises. A postmodern video opera which bathes the viewer in music and visual spectacle.

Geniecillo (3’49 – 2018) / Tomas Basile (Argentina)
Geniecillo explores the source of faith. The film alternates between an instructional video of children’s magic tricks and personal religious testimonies. It includes a list of elements and requirements necessary for the construction of the amulet to which the builder will be subjected, along with testimonials that attest to their empirical reality. Is it possible to  establish a parallelism between both of them? There must be no doubt about the cult and the suffering, or the magic will turn the builder into salt.

There… (7′ – 2021) / Rojin Shafiei (Iran)
There… refers to the current situation in Iran and what is happening to the people, especially the middle class.

000109 (7’59 – 2022) / Dasha Brian (Poland)
Referring to Orwell’s dystopia, this film shows a perfect citizen of Belarus who unconditionally carries out the orders of former president Lukashenko, even the most cruel and illegal ones. The film is part of the art project Revolution – a cultural manifesto against violence and censorship of creativity, created by two repressed Belarusians.

Corps minéral (5′ – 2020) / Charline Dally & Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin (Quebec)
Corps minéral proposes an introspective experience inspired by geological transformations and layers of memory, whether they are contained in the rock or in our cells.

4.50pm I’ve seen you going down a rainbow (42’)

« I know you’re waiting for me by the fountain
I’ve seen you going down a rainbow 
I take the plunge into summer rains
I go sailing in my neighbourhood » (R.C.)

El Beso (2’16 – 2017) / Diego Mandelman (Argentina)
El Beso is a world of sensations that is projected in the mind and body. The unconscious begins to fly along with the adrenaline.

Don’t Text Your Ex (13’52 – 2021) / Jo Güstin (Canada)
Surviving a global pandemic being queer, cute and still in love with your ex.

Aquatic Fantastical Organic (3′ – 2021) / Emma Johansson (Finland)
Exploring the physical sensation of touch and its relation to other senses and combining biomorphic elements and details of the human body, the animation blurs the limits of the body and its surroundings and inhabits the threshold of exterior and interior. The film reveals the hidden processes and phenomena happening in the chain of sensations and emotions that physical touch, or the idea of it, triggers.

Trick Or Treat (1’37 – 2021) / Ivan Zubarev (Russia)
How can we reconcile the lightness of the simple pleasures of the present moment with the anguish of an uncertain future? This coat is made of optical wire and allows you to be anonymous. But will we succeed in leaking into this new universe, like a light through the wires ?

El dolor de mi madre (6’07 – 2020) / Juliana Erazo (Netherlands)
Three generations of mothers and daughters of a colombian family talking about their struggles and achievement in order to make their children’s life better.

eBAE (7’25 – 2020) / Francesca Centonze (Austria)
What happens in the middle of a pandemic if you get to know each other online and establish a long-distance romance? What happens if that relationship develops online and then ends, only behind a screen?

L’opéra d’or (10’46 – 2020) / Geneviève & Matthieu (Canada)
In a music-punctuated story set in the near future, the Pizza Delivery Guy and his wife Late Catharsis are passionately in love. Formerly a sculptor, he presently acts as a DJ in a nightclub. Under the influence of her former teacher the alchemist Fulcanelli, she basks in phony operatic palaces. In this profoundly wild ghetto where marginal artists and rivals rub shoulders, their attempts to break with their past finally come to an end, when the Pizza Delivery Guy runs into a mutant woman—a new hope for contemporary art spreading envy and dust over the city.

Street Caress (1’40 – 2020) / Laurent Hart (France)
A music video about caress and sensitivity.

6pm  Poetical performance Pauvre Baudelaire (50′) / Jules Vipaldo
Set to voice by trio En Roue Libre, Laure Ballester, Jules Vipaldo & Christophe Roque 
Laure Ballester, Jules Vipaldo & Christophe Roque 

7pm Tasty interlude

8.30pm Only dogs can win (59’) – A tribute to the Festival Image Contre Nature, 

followed by an encounter and discussion with Hélène Bez and Claude Ciccolella
10 films : Doplgenger (Serbia), Suzel Roche (France), Neil Needleman (USA), Guli Silberstein (England), João Cristovão Leitão (Portugal), Michael Lyons (Japan / Italy), Ann Steuernagel (USA), Salise Hughes (USA), Fabio Scacchioli & Vincenzo Core (Italy)