Wednesday November 9 from 6 pm : Welcome, Screenings, Performances, Discussions

Opening of the international encounters November 9 to 12, in la Friche (Seita Theatre), Marseille

6pm Opening and welcoming words

6.30pm While the fields are burning (48′)

The Programm’actors (inhabitants from Marseille) open the festival with a screening programme their created this year

« Allumette craquée et tout part en fumée
Pendant que les champs brûlent
J’attends que mes larmes viennent
Et quand la plaine ondule
Que jamais rien ne m’atteigne » (N)

Cape Mongo (4’54 – 2015) / François Knoetze (South Africa)
Mongo n. slang. object thrown away and then recovered.
Cape Mongo follows the story of a character as they journey through the city of Cape Town. Each Mongo character is made from the city’s discarded waste – mythical ‘trash creatures’ which have emerged from the growing dumps of consumer culture. The creature revisits the spaces of their imagined pasts – the locations associated with their material existence and the constitution of their social relations – as if walking against the consumer-driven currents of city. The characters’ journey conjure up imagery that touches on some of the historical trajectories that have lead up to the endemic inequality and social alienation which characterises present day Cape Town.

Intolerance (2’39 – 2015) / Tessa Ojala (Finland)
Intolerance tells the story of a man who thinks he is intolerant of the beauty of the world. It is also the story of isolation, fear and the power of nature. 

Histoires d’œil (2021-12m46) / Pablo-Martin Cordoba (France)
The media questioning on digital images comes up against the political aspect, from which we can no longer make the economy: to the tradition of images prepared for rhetorical purposes, is added nowadays the physical infrastructure of the devices that exacerbate new forms of biopolitics and surveillance, in connection with new forms of repression.

Où vas-tu ? (5’ – 2007) / Sylvie Denet (France)
A cyclist takes us on a travelling tour of the city. How far will he go?

Offre d’emplois (6’ – 2017) / Hélène Matte (Quebec)
Besides the several thousand jobs linked to the construction of Energie Est, it is estimated that thirty jobs will be generated by the project over a forty-year period. 
They say they are creating jobs! What jobs are they offering? 

Appetite (7’27- 2010) / Irena Ristic (Serbia)
Appetite is a short experimental film about the fear of indifference, about a lack of empathy and the times when it is too late, or simply when there is no more choice, so a lack of reaction becomes the necessary result of helplessness. The story is about the phenomenon of forced indifference and rift that causes, on the morning in which someone tries to have breakfast (and what else?) while in the next room / apartment / house / street / district / city / country / world / head – someone else is asking for help.
No, no … do not be strict!
Even if they want to, they can’t do anything at this moment.

El traje (4’23 – 2010) / Abdel de la Campa Escaig (Cuba)
The endless days of a family man and worker, of a worker and family man…

Pour Martin Creed (3’29 – 2020) / Michel Amaral & Audrey Barthes (USA/France/Portugal)
Pour Martin Creed is part of our project “Please… Draw me an egg! “
This photographic and video series proposes to revisit the history of art through the pastiche of a few artists who have marked their time and whose works have often caused debate. At the same time trivial object of the everyday life and simple food, the egg is used here in a systematic and shifted way as element of quotation allowing the highlighting of the specificities of the language of each of the represented artists. But the egg is also the symbol of life and creation. 

7.50pm  a break for a short drink

8.20pm ChimesEra#1.3f: L’état de siège,Promenade Melaselidophobique (51’) / Performance by Paul Jacques Yves Guilbert (France)

9.10pm The non-aligned bubbleAn audio-video live show on a gigantic inflated bubble / Denis Cartet (90’ – France)
together with a tasty break 

Abdel de la Campa Escaig