From December 3 to 4 : Exhibition

Festival OVNI (Objectif Vidéo Nice)

invites Festival Les Instants Vidéo for an installation in a hotel room from 03/12 to 04/12 for OVNI FOLIES! 

Windsor Hotel – 11 rue Dalpozzo 06000 Nice
Wear you all Night (4’37 – 2017) / Sarah Choo Jing (Singapore)
Wear you all Night is a double channel video installation, which depicts two individuals co-existing in one space, separated by the camera frame. Recorded over a period of 4 minutes, the stage is set in a boutique hotel room. The potential narrative here is suggested by the actions of the male and female character, as well as the composition of the set. This installation work reflects upon the subjectivity of the camera in parallel to that of a staged narrative. The scene presented is one which is contrived and hyper real, suggestive of time and space which is non-existent. 

Sarah Choo Jing

OVNI Festival
At the confluence of the artistic and hotel worlds, the Ovni festival was created in Nice in 2015 as an innovative and original platform for the promotion of video art. Every year, at the end of novembre, OVNi brings together a number of cultural players from the city of Nice to create an event and give visibility to emerging video artists and established video makers. The work of all these artists is highlighted throughout different itineraries which include, museums, cultural sites and unusual places. At the same time, a few hotels in Nice are turning into  places of artistic hospitality where some French and international institutions reveal projects/ programs chosen specifically for hotel rooms.