For its 7th edition, /si:n/ will take place in Palestine from July, 19 to 26. Screenings, installations, performances will travel the cities of Ramallah, Gaza, Rafah, Jérusalem, Bethleem, Tayibe.

/si:n/ will be insurgent!
It will tackle the obvious, break the standards, overstep established views.“We are suffocating among people who think they are absolutely right” used to say Camus. Let’s debunk dominant discourses, insidious propaganda, the confinement (of the arts) in conventional rules and codes…
It is time for doubt, this intimate moment of quivering and investigations.
It is time for a subtle approach, this position which dare to confront the real in its complexity and contradictions.

A screening program in two parts

1) You don’t know who we are
Discrimination, production of “truths”, alienation systems, ideologies that clings to us… There isn’t a single power but many, and they all aim at deprivation of liberty. This screening program invites us to explore the notion of powers, which is inseparable from the notions of liberty and resistance. 
After all, you don’t know who we are… and we are beautiful!

  • Sound of Montreal (7’02- 2021) / Shahrzad Arshadi (Québec)
  • Justus Lipsius (2’05 – 2021) / Miguel Rozas Balboa (Chili)
  • 000109 (7’59’ – 2022) / Dasha Brian (Poland)
  • There… (7′ – 2021) / Rojin Shafiei (Iran)
  • The keys of the Cadou house (2’31 – 2021) / Alessia Travaglini (France)
  • Too Big Drawing (5’13 – 2021) / Genadzi Buto (Belarus)
  • Uchronism (6’19 – 2021) / Daniel Locus (Belgium)
  • The Devil (7’51 – 2012) / Jean-Gabriel Periot (France)

2) Don’t free me, I will take care of that!
Once upon a time, they overcome gender norms, the traditional distribution of roles, beauty standards, mental load imposed upon them… because what they wanted above all was to create a new world. A world where they could be emancipated, on an economic, social and cultural level.
They led many fights and ever after lived…..

  • Bounded by routine and duties (1’39 – 2013)/ Agnieszka Niklewska (Poland / GB)
  • Through my daughter’s eyes (3’22 – 2021) / Adama Delphine Fawundu (Belgium)
  • Iranshahr (1’- 2019) / Mahdi Kamranirad (Iran)
  • Look at you, black sheep! (1’49 – 2022) / Milica Denkovic (Serbia)
  • Cake d’Amour (3’ -2017) / Kika Nicolela (Brazil/Belgium)
  • Olympe said to me : I didn’t loose my head (4’40 – 2018)/ Virginie Foloppe (France)
  • Music for waxing (2’14 – 2021) / Giulia Giannola (Italy)
  • The End (1’13 – 2021) / Lamathilde (Quebec/Canada)
  • My Mother’s Pain (6’07 – 2020) / Juliana Erazo (Netherlands)

3 performances

The Bubble, An audio-video live show on a gigantic inflated bubble / Denis Cartet (France)
The base line of this performance echoes directly the geopolitical movement of non-aligned countries. Denis’ performance is a geo-poetical gesture, which aims at highlighting and understanding the non-aligned movement.
This live show will be split into two parts. First part is based on historical an archives documents, highlighting the position of prominent non-aligned political figures, writers, poets and intellectuals. The second part will focus on non-aligned countries musicians from today and from the past.

Quand je n’aurais plus rien à dire…/ Sarah Violaine (France)
When I have nothing more to say… is a performance in 3 acts. Video, text, performance. It looks at the question of the body as a weapon of protest in itself. Without words, what the body represents by its gender, its sex, its ethnic origin, its appearance. It is enough to be present and to let the labels and prejudices be put on it. Because of its characteristics, the body, the individual, becomes a political weapon. A weapon, a danger. Unwanted, at its expense. A victim. We are faced with the power of the non-act. The crucial moment when the power of interpretation turns reality on its head.

A DJ’s set accompanied by live visuals show by 4 local visual artists
Sound artists: Borka (Slovenia) and Lavca (Slovenia)
Visual Artists: Firas Abu Sirriyeh, Amani Yaqob, Yasmine Omari, Bashir Massad and Motasem Siam (Palestine)
In the frame of RMW (Ramallah Music Week), a Digital Arts Festival that serves as a platform to showcase upcoming talent as well as established artists while offering the public audience an immersive & sensory audiovisual experience.

2 Video installations Gaza and Rafah

French Institute (Gaza)
Waves never stop crossing borders (13’25– 2019) / Élodie Merland (France)
This video was made on 30th October 2019, on a Folkestone beach in the United Kingdom. This date was the eve of the day that the UK was due to leave the European Union. The third rescheduled date thus far, but the date of the exit was eventually postponed until 31st January 2020. The reading direction of the sentence Waves never stop crossing borders is oriented towards France. This sentence evokes Brexit, but it also talks about all the borders that thousands of people are prohibited from crossing daily.

Magazine 28 (Rafah)
Trajectory 2 (3’30 – 2019) / Cyril Galmiche (France) 
Carried out in Japan during the ó-hanami season, the Trajectory 2 project simultaneously presents 9 sequence shots, each reproducing the same sequence of gestures. Filmed with a smartphone in different places, the images were designed as capsules of time and space, inviting the viewer to contemplation.

A cooperation between 12 partners