The Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques team and the board wish you a gentle and fulfilling year, against the daily despondencies that continue to hurt us to our very imaginary realms.
We also wish you not to live anymore under the hidden pressure of the most… the most experienced, the most eloquent, the most sharpen. Not to have to go through these stunning shocks to which the first reply is always the ugly word resilience. 
We wish you to take on your pitfalls, to build on your witty missteps. To take care of yourself leniently. 
We wish you peace of mind and fearlessness for today, and the day after.

We wish you…
“… a constellation of intuitions similar to a flight of images, light, somber, green, blue, swirling among themselves, bearing feelings that awaken us, feelings that think, feelings that create, participative feelings and fulgurant ideas that attract one another, repel one another, pass through one another mutually, and thus galvanize one another.”
Patrick Chamoiseau in Migrant Brothers (2017) – Excerpt from the book Rue d’Aubagne – récit d’une rupture by Karine Bonjour (2019)