From September, 9 to 18 septembre, Le Lieu – Centre en art actuel (Quebec)

A invitation by Richard Martel for the event Local Encounter of Art Performance
Two screening programs proposed by two twin festival (for more than 25 years) based on the two shores of the Mediterranean sea (Morocco and France). The films selected tell something of the current history of the region (Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Irak, Qatar, Lebanon, Palestine), sometimes tragical, sometimes uprising. Stories of peoples or individuals, of women or of men, and always displayed with relevance and tenderness.
Majid Seddati (FIAV, Casablanca) & Marc Mercier (34es Instants Vidéo, Marseille)

Program 1 (50’40)

  • The future (3’59 – 2014) / Gouri Mounir (Algeria)
  • Sonata (10’06 – 2018) / Randa Megahed (Egypt)
  • A Breath into a Hole (21’10 – 2021) / Charbel Samuel Aoun (Lebanon)
  • Liberation (1’14 – 2015) / Khadija Elabyad (Morocco)
  • Polyphonie Poétique Urbaine (Ramallah) (9’41 – 2011) / Marc Mercier (France) & Kefah Fanni (Palestine)
  • We teach life, Sir (4’30 – 2011) / Rafeef Ziadah (Palestine/GB)

Program 2 (49’21)

  • Chic point (Fashion for israeli checkpoints) (7′ – 2003) / Sharif Waked (Palestine)
  • La mémoire brodée (4’32 – 2017) / Khadija El Abyad (Morocco)
  • Damage  (2’ – 2009) / Rania Stephan (Lebanon)
  • Je ne sais pas (5’04 – 2002) / Abdallah Zrika et Marc Mercier (Morocco/France)
  • Across the moon (11’30 – 2017) / Mounir Fatmi (Morocco)
  • Falcon (3’59 – 2017/18) / Yaser Rahhal (Syria – Qatar) 
  • Baghdad Photographer (3’16 – 2017) / Mejd Hameed (Irak) 
  • Searching for Abbas Kiarestami (12’ – 2015/16) / Mohamad and Ahmad Malas (Syria – France) 

All long year, in our office in la Friche, MarseilleAtelier of images and conversations

Taking place every two weeks, the ateliers are rendez-vous where the encounter with the other is built by sharing thoughts on images.
How do we live today with images? With the ones we create? The ones we see everyday? Be they journalistic, artistic, televised, propaganda, scientific, still or moving, from the past or present, from here or elsewhere, made by us or by others….

No condition needed to join the atelier which is free, if you are interest to participate. 
To register, please contact us: / 04 95 04 96 24

Thursday, July 8, 5.00 to 6.30pm 

IV are moderator for an encounter on the theme Circulation of artistes and art works in the Mediterranean.

Organised dans le cadre program Majalat, an initiative created by six civil society networks from the Euro-Mediterranean region: the Arab Network for Development (NGO), the Euro-Mediterranean Network for Human Rights, the Arb Trade Union Confederation (ATUC), Solidar, the French Euro-Mediterranean Network and the Moroccan Alternatives Forum. 

To register Inscription au webinaire – Zoom
More information here

Sunday, June 27 , AllArtNow, Stockholm

An invitation by our dear partners AllArtNow, to open their summer season. AllArtNowLab, Älvkarleövägen6 (Ropsten t-bana – exit Hjorthagen)  

Death, life is stalking you!
Video art presents an overflowing, a passionate gesture that decides what happens to your own body. Only passion is able to defy death and stupidity that lies in the eyes, obscene, of the others when looking at our bodies. What gives each of us a sense of freedom? Forgetting that we are being watched. Only then can we overcome the limitations the society built around us or even the clothes which hide the most private parts of our body. La peau-ésie. La peau-hérésie. Our body likes the freedom guiding us to a tomorrow that will not be a disenchantment anymore.

  • Somewhere Eternity (5’36 – 2011) / Pierre Carrelet (France)
  • Do you like me? (6’ – 2020) / Heidi Hörsturz (Germany/Nederland)
  • Delete Treat Me As a Coyote! (2’20 – 2018) / Neno Bechev (Bulgaria)
  • Realize Your Dreams (3’02 – 2019) / Katie Colosimo (USA)
  • A Will (5’26 – 2020) / Tania Haberland ( Germany/Mauritius /South Africa)Partially
  • Detached (8’41 – 2019) / Pelagia Gadallah (Egypt)
  • Kopacabana (13’33 – 2019) / Marcos Bonisson & Khalil Charif (Brasil)

Tuesday, June 22 , Marseille, Friche la Belle de Mai : World Refugee Day (WRD)

International World Refugee Day has been launched by the United Nations to pay a tribute to all the refugees of the world.
Les Instants Vidéo are involved in WRD since 2017, from the artistic eye. This year (3 to 4.30 pm), Tiffanie Taveau will run an Atelier of images and conversations based on a selection of video art works. A time to share our glances, that may freed our imaginaries.

In Marseille, WRD is organised by a collective of asylum centres workers : ADRIM, Alotra, La Caravelle, Groupe SOS, Jane Pannier, Sara Logisol, HPF et d’associations dont la Cimade, le Comede, UNICIL, Osiris…

More informations:

Friday, January 22, Ligue de l’enseignement, Marseille: What kind of image do you like?

We did a swop with La Ligue and organised an afternoon encounter with young people in civic service. How cinema, advertising, television imprint the construction of a collective imagination made of stereotypes? How do video artists take on social and political issues? Feminism, masculinities, gender and cultural identity, struggles intersection…are some of the topics addressed in the video, key threads of the discussions.

Films presented:

  • Les poupées se révoltent (4’55 – 2012) / Samar Elbarawy & Gaetan Trovato (Egypt – France)
  • Statement (1’50 – 2012) / Lucia Ahmad (Palestine)
  • Transmigrants (8’07 – 2014) / Santi Zegarra avec la complicité de Thomas-Fouquet-Lapar (France/Peru)
  • Glauque François (4’30 – 2009) / Yves Marie Mahé (France)
  • Olympe said to me : I didn’t loose my head (4’40 – 2018) / Virginie Foloppe (France)
  • Like dolls I’ll rise (28’35 – 2018 ) / Nora Philippe (France)