Last news: no opening coming

From October 30 until an unknown date, exhibitions spaces will be closed every where in France. However, our festival in Friche la Belle de Mai is ready to open since November 12 as planned. Therefore, we will be able to welcome you as soon as we are allowed to do so. We can’t wait for it.

The Festival Les Instants Vidéo offers every year in Marseille (and the Region) in Autumn, a video art exhibition and International Encounters for a few days in Friche la Belle de Mai. These encounters (screenings, performances, panel discussions) are the heart and soul of the festival. We are taking care of our hosts, artists, spectators, partners….

Today, a state of sanitary emergency is forcing us to adapt the form of our artistic project to measures that imply to cut our programs, to avoid the invitations to artists and the welcoming of the audiences, to abandon our hospitality arrangements (the sharing of meals, the buvette of friendship, spaces of encounters…), and actually to become just an apparatus in the culture consumption we never bore.

First, came the anger. But anger alone produces sad passions: bitterness and resentment which at all times dry up imagination. Marseille is facing the sea, turning its back to acrimony. 
We therefore decided not to allow the viral thread to control what we had to do, but instead to follow the title of our festival: Death, life is stalking you!
To escape from any injunction, we took a step to the left, combining rage and poetry. Fear can’t rule us. The pleasure we have in fighting it is our rule.

Thanks to the involvement of La Friche, we can have a large space for our expojection where for a few daysthe artworks selected for our International Encounters will be screened in turns. With this anti-viral option, the intensity of our festival is multiplied ( …), proving that video art is an armour which protect the fire of poetical passion. Death, life is stalking you!


  • CANCELLED: Ephemeral Popular Galleries SARA Logisol and ADPEI
  • POSTPONED to date not determined yet: the screenings in the School of art in Aix-en-Provence and in Vidéodrome 2 in Marseille
  • MAINTAINED: the programs on VisualContainer TV (November,12 to December, 16), on [.BOX] Videoart project space in Milan (November, 10 to 26), for Casablanca Video Art Festival on line (November, 24 to 28), Festival Over the Real in Lucca, Italy (October, 1st).

Despite all these constraints, we believe it is essential not to surrender to the threats, be they real or alleged. More than ever, it is necessary to hear the fragile but resolute voices of the artists and poets. Let’s never give up our desires of emancipation. If today’s world seems so ugly, we urgently need to re-invent beauty as Rimbaud told us in A season in Hell. 
Today, like for yesterday 
Les Instants Video declare the state of poetic emergency.