EXPOJECTIONS : because of the sanitary measures which did not allow us to make the festival we wanted, we transformed the 3 days of screening and encounters to expojections (exposition-projection). Less became more! Imagination is an antiviral.

Death, life is stalking you!

Art school Rue Emile Tavan, Aix-en-Provence

Screening/discussion (69’52) – films by Silvia de Gennaro (Italy), Anne-Marie Bouchard (Canada), Amaral & Barthes (USA / France & Portugal), Virginie V.Brylinski (France), Zé Armando (Brazil), Joël Ducorroy (France), Stéphen Urani (France), Isabelle Nouzha (Lebanon / Belgium), Marta Di Francesco (Italy / GB), Michèle Lorrain (Canada), Lorenzo Papanti (Italy), Teyé (South Korea / Spain), Emma Roufs & Tim Gowdy (Canada), Louis-Michel de Vaulchier (France), Andrea Leoni (Italy), Pablo-Martín Córdoba (Argentina / Italy)

Vidéodrome 2 
49 cours Julien, 6e

To de-confine the bodies and desires, in 3 acts:

Act 1 (71’) – films by Gaël Marsaud & Joachim Gatti (France), Myriam Crampes (France), Mathilde Leroy (France), Pauliina Salminen (Finland / France), Samuel Bester (France), Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani (Togo / Germany), Mali Arun (France),Susanne Wiegner (Germany), Marie Julie (France / Reunion Island), Binôme artistique OKZK – Nelson Chouissa & Eloi Jacquelin (France), Ricardo Burgarelli (Brazil)

Act 2 (82’20) – films by Xavier Lavernhe (France)Neno Bechev (Bulgaria), Marko Lampisuo (Finland),  Juman Daraghmeh (Arab of Israël), Julie Tremble (Canada), Hiroya Sakurai (Japan), Jason Moyes (Scotland), Kim Kielhofner (Canada), Claude Chuzel (France), Céline Pierre (France)

Act 3 (21’55) – Enquête sur les disparitions, a film by Marc Mercier (France)

Tour 3rd Floor
41 rue Jobin – Marseille 3e

EXPOJECTIONS : because of the sanitary measures which did not allow us to make the festival we wanted, we transformed the 3 days of screening and encounters to expojections (exposition-projection). Less became more! Imagination is an antiviral.


02.10pm The Programm’actors…, the (video) art of the encounter 
When the participants of a workshop present their selection of video.0

03.02pm Resting on our laurels can lead to relapsefilms (43’) by Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain / France), Laura y Sira Cabrera (Spain), Inès Wickmann (Colombia / France), Franck Schweitzer (France).

03.50pm Opening of the Drafts (in search of a boundless gesture)
Conception texts and images Marc Mercier & Pierre Carrelet 
03.57pm  S’il en reste une, c’est la foudre (37’ – 2016) / Marie Alberto Jeanjacques (France)

04.40pm Draft 1: The light
04.46pm PARTI PRIS  suite enfin (34’ – 2019/2020) / Guido Carnaval, from the extracts of video by Guido’Lu and drawings by Cerise (Belgium)

05.25pm Draft 2: The break-in
05.35pm Films (43’24) by François Caillat (France), Niko (France), Benjamin Poumey (France / Switzerland), Matthew Wolkow (Canada)2


01.10pm Draft 3: The invention of the colour black
01.15pm Films (52’) by Soraya Milla (France), Maxime Corbeil-Perron (Canada)Yuri Muraoka (Japan), Tiger Cai (China / USA), François Lejault (France), Dominique Comtat (France)

02.10pm Draft 4: The masks 
02.16pm Films (60’21) by Carolina Saquel (Chile / France), Laure Molina & Eric Wenger (France), Silvia Biagioni (Italy), Edouard de Laurot (Pologne / France)

03.20pm Draft 5: The Muses 
03.27pm Films (56’58) by Renata Poljak (Croatia), Michel Rolland (France), Frédérique Devaux (France), Helinä Hukkataival (Finland), Susanne Wiegner (Germany), Mathieu Bouvier & Céline Cartillier (France)

04.30pm Draft 6: The desire
04.38pm Films (45’25) by Kessler Sisters (Germany), Tamara Lai (Italy / Belgium), Maria Korporal (Germany), Boris du Boullay (France), Pascale Pilloni (France), Pierre Villemin (France)

05.26pm Draft 7: The human condition 
05.36pm Più de la vita (73’ – 2020) by Michele Sambin (Italy)


01.10pm Draft 8: The bodies
01.22pm Films (42’) by Francesca Lolli (Italy), Daniel H. Dugas (Canada), Lynn Bianchi (USA), Gerard Chauvin & Daniel Nassoy (France), Magali Dougoud (Switzerland)

02.07pm Draft 9: Wandering lines
02.20pm Films (62’) by Camille Corbel (France), Aurélien Mauplot (France), Lamathilde (Canada), Seungjoo Bae (South Korea / France), Simon Mine (France / Japan), Virginie Foloppe (France), Clémence B.T.D. Barret (France / Greece), Véronique Sapin (France), Víctor Hugo Portillo (El Salvador), Noémi Sjöberg (Sweden / Spain), Michel Pavlou (Greece / Belgium), Alan Lake (Canada)

03.25pm Draft 10: The beauty
03.35pm Films (65’) by João Cristóvão Leitão (Portugal), Bob Kohn (France), Samuel Bester (France), Mana Chuma Teatro (Italy), Jean-Louis Accettone (France), Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy), Noémi Sjöberg (Sweden / Spain), Albane Gayet & Alexandra Roussopoulos (France), Kuesti Fraun (Germany), Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt (Canada), Deborah Kelly (Australia), Dawn Westlake (USA), Lisa Sartorio (France)

4.35pm Epilogue of the Drafts, not to end it all 
4.40pm Films (56’) by Alice Fargier (France), Marilina Prigent (France), Théo Verprat (France)
05.37 Credits of the Drafts with the song Les Château intérieur by Brigitte Fontaine (7′)


Festival Over The Real
September 25 to October 4

A screening program with films by Grace Schwindt (GB), Pierre Carrelet (France), Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani (Togo / Germany), Judith Lesur (France), Virginie Foloppe (France), Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros (Serbia / Spain / USA), Albert Merino (Spain / France), Charles Pennequin (France), Mejd Hameed (Irak), Ameneh Zamani (Iran), Marc Mercier (France), Rafeef Ziadah (Palestine/GB)


[.BOX] Videoart project space
November, 10 to 26

Films by Mozhgan Erfani (Iran / France), Charlotte Clermont (Canada), Mohamed Ezzat Sayed (Egypt), Joep Vossebeld (Netherlands), Alexandra Gelis (Colombia / Venezuela), Anna Parisi (USA), Fran Orallo (Scotland), Jason Bernagozzi (USA), Jonna Kina (Finland), Mateo Vargas (USA), Alex Bodea (Romania / Germany), Hermanos Negroni (Juan Alberto Negroni & Iván Antonio Negroni) (Porto Rico)

Visual Container TV  
November, 12 to December, 16

Watch an online program with films by Heidi Hörsturz (Germany / Netherlands), Neno Bechev (Bulgaria), Matthias Fitz (Germany), Katie Colosimo (USA), Tania Haberland (Germany / Mauritius / South Africa), Pelagia Gadallah (Egypt), Marcos Bonisson & Khalil Charif (Brazil)

On line, November, 24 to 28

Screening 1:  To see the unpredictable
Films by Úrsula San Cristóbal (Spain), Chantal Partamian (Lebanon / Canada), Jean-Michel Rolland (France), Susanne Wiegner (Germany), Virginie Foloppe (France), Pascale Pilloni (France), Jean-Luc Godard (Switzerland), Marc Mercier (France)

Screening 2:  The representations of the world
Films by Mulugeta Gebrekidan (Ethiopia), Yacob Bizuneh (Ethiopia), Pascale Pilloni (France), Mounir Fatmi (Morocco / France), Guillaume Martial (France), Mikio Saito (Japan), Shon Kim (South Korea / USA), Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani (Togo / Germany), Reyhaneh Taherverdi (Iran), Judith Lesur (France), Grace Schwindt (GB), Albert Merino (Spain / France)