The poster is made of a painting, He is free, by Jean-Jacques Lequeu and a sentence, the title of the 2020 Festival “Death, life is stalking you” by Jean Benoît.

Death, life is stalking you! 

The poster is made of a painting, He is free, by Jean-Jacques Lequeu and a sentence, the title of the 2020 Festival “Death, life is stalking you” by Jean Benoît. As well as for the Drafts in bodies and words (texts and images) that will go along with the screenings,  Annie Lebrun’ writings inspired our determination to celebrate the beauty of a boundless gesture.
Lequeu’s drawing presents an overflowing, a passionate gesture that decides what happens to your own body. Only passion is able to defy death and stupidity that lies in the eyes, obscene, of the others when looking at our bodies. What gives each of us a sense of freedom? Forgetting that we are being watched. Only then can we overcome the limitations the society built around us or even the clothes which hide the most private parts of our body. La peau-ésie. La peau-hérésie. Our body likes the freedom guiding us to a tomorrow that will not be a disenchantment anymore.

The 33rd Festival Les Instants Vidéo wish you to be loved to the point of madness. We have the foolish love of video art. And we will prove it.

I tried to imagine what could be said by the character on the poster, in these times of a revival of puritanism. I am using the words of Louise Michel in front of the 4th Council of War: “Freed, libertine, libertarian, free, Gentlemen don’t make any distinction. We are unbelievers because we want to be free.”

Marc Mercier – Artistic director