Sunday, October 4, Lucca (Italy) : 5th video art Festival Over The Real

In the chaos of today’s worlds,  voices and gestures break into the night to make another possible world, here and now. These are the words of poets and all the mutineers who will never give up their desire. Together, they shout these words that repluck up our courage:  Death, life is stalking you! This amazing sentence first appeared in 1965, on the back of the necrophiliac’s costume worn by the french surrealist artist Jean Benoît. With this international video art programmation , we want to combine the « change lives » of Rimbaud and the « change the world » of Marx.

The Birder (4’ – 2018) / Grace Schwindt (GB)
Somewhere Eternity (5’36 – 2011) Pierre Carrelet (France)
Coronapocalypse (5’ – 2020) / Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani (Togo / Allemagne)
(dé)nature (2’59 – 2019) / Judith Lesur (France)
Olympe said to me : I didn’t loose my head (4’40 – 2018) / Virginie Foloppe (France)
Truce (4’ – 2018) / Rosamaria E. Kostic Cisneros (Serbie / Espagne / USA)
Bestiary (5’10 – 2018) / Albert Merino (Espagne / France)
Parle (3’23 – 2016) / Charles Pennequin (France) 
Baghdad Photographer (3’16 – 2017) / Mejd Hameed (Irak)
Scarecrow (7’48 – 2015) / Ameneh Zamani (Iran)
Corrida urbaine (3’15 – 2008) / Marc Mercier (France)
We teach life, Sir (4’39 – 2011) / Rafeef Ziadah (Palestine/GB)

Thursday, June 25, 5pm : Cinema in your living room by Casablanca French Institute

A program that can be seen for 8 days on the Casablanca French Institute youtube channel
The south of video art creation: carte blanche to Casablanca International Video Art Festival and Marseille Festival Les Instants Vidéo, two festival brothers (for more that 25 years) based on the two shores of the Mediterranean sea. The films we selected say something about today history of the region (Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Irak, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, France), that is sometimes tragic, or rebellious. Stories of a people or more individual, always presented with tenderness and accuracy. 

If video art was born in the sixties in Western industrialised countries, nowadays it is mainly in the South that relevant, new, poetic words arise with strength. 
Majid Seddati & Marc Mercier

Across the moon (11’30 – 2017) / Mounir Fatmi (Morocco) – In the Land (4’24 – 2014) / Maha Shahin (Syria) – L’Homme puzzlé (1’06 – 2016) / Khadija El Abyad (Morocco) – Sabra et Chatilla Poème (12’35 – 2011) / Marc Mercier (France) – The Crossing (6’10 – 2017) / Moufida Fedhila (Tunisia) – Awakening (1’40 – 2016) / Arzu Yayıntaş (Turkey) – Baghdad Photographer (3’16 – 2017) / Mejd Hameed (Irak) – Alrasheed Street (4’25 – 2017) / Ameer Albassri (Irak) – Scarecrow (7’48 – 2015) / Ameneh Zamani (Iran) – Corrida urbaine (3’15 – 2008) / Marc Mercier (France) – Damage (2′ – 2009) / Rania Stephan (Lebanon) – We teach life, Sir (4’39 – 2011) / Rafeef Ziadah (Palestine/GB) 

Awakening (1’40 – 2016) / Arzu Yayıntaş (Turkey)

March 20 to 23, Tunisia: Les Instants vidéo support the Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival of Tunis: postponed (covid19)

with a screening-encounter on the film Un chant d’amour (A love song)(25’ – 1950) / Jean Genet (France).

Monday, January 27: Cinematographic insights on the Popular Ephemeral Galleries

We welcome in ADPEI (18 bd Camille Flammarion Marseille 1er) students from the Master Documentary writings with two films they made with delicacy and a critical spirit, on the popular galleries which welcome art works every year in the frame and for the duration of the Festival Les Instants Vidéo

Reliefs numériques (6’52 – 2019) / Maya Perusin Mysorekar, Arthur Thomas & Antonin Erat
Jeu de Cases (6’23 – 2019) / Manuela Rössler, Hugo Debrie & Mikaela Popovic

Friday, January 17: Popular ephemeral galleries : Free images! 
A radio programme with Radio Galère 88.4.

A Marseille en 2019, two social organisations, ADPEI and SARA Logisol, and Le Ryad Boutique Hotel, took the challenge of becoming spaces of exhibition during the 32nd Festival Les Instants Vidéo, like it was in the exhibition space of La Friche la Belle de Mai . This program looked at this experience altogether artistic and of encounters, through the prism of cultural and poetical rights, and with the the artists who presented a work, users and professionals from these galleries, a teacher and a student (Master Documentaries writing) who explore these spaces with cinema tools, and the Instants Vidéo team. 
– What sense for video / digital arts in spaces not dedicated to them?
– What are their impact on these visitor spaces and their inhabitants?
– What are the roles of stakeholders of the project?
These are some of the numerous issues that were raised during our radio panel discussion.

Tuesday, January 7, Lyon (MJC de la Duchère) : An encounter on the film « Nefta Histoires d’une jeunesse isolée ».

An invitation by the association Arcenciel France, member the network Euromed France (REF), to participate to the panel discussion following the film, made in the frame of Franco-Tunisian cooperation project on the theme of local development and youth in the Southern Tunisia.

Picture : Histoire(s) du cinéma / Jean-Luc Godard (1988)