Let’s no longer be anagnostes!

Let’s no longer be anagnostes!

To dwell the world, poetically. To be driven up to the limits of language. To free words and images from the damages they undergo. This is our job as obstinate lovers of freedom.

We are calling poets, artists, cultural workers to stop being the anagnostes of institutions, of the art market, of the traders of new digital technologies and of the audience good taste (audience rating). Anagnostes, in Ancient Rome times, were the slaves in charge of reading to entertain the masters during their feasts.

We will have a ferocious philosophy and poetry!

Thirteen years ago, on January 8, 2007, Gianni Toti, the hugest electronic, poerevolutionary, planetizen poet ever, indomitable celestial body of video arts, a Roman indeed but for sure anti- anagnoste, left us. Thereupon, Les Instants Vidéo had to learn how to live as orphans.

In his last note book, a few hours before passing away, Toti wrote these words from the poet Hölderlin (1823), to dwell the world poetically. This is the heritage we tirelessly cherish. A world where a woman shall never again tremble with fear, where any human being shall never flee because of wealthy-greedy predators, where bodies shall only sweat by an excess in freeing their erotic potential.

Demonstratively, then, we shall be beautiful.

Photo: Loukoum / Geneviève Petroff Favre (Switzerland)