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32 Festival Les Instants Vidéo

32 Festival Les Instants Vidéo

Our call for participation is now closed.
Thanks to the 1000 artists who trust us enough to submit their works.
Be sure we will watch them with attention, being aware that electronic poetry is fragile, delicate : a quivering…
The individual announcement of the selection should arrive at the beginning of October, the latest.
Greetings from the infinitely blue shores (sometimes tainted with red) of the Mediterranean sea.
The Instants Vidéo crew

See you in November 2019 – Marseilles (but also elsewhere)

In 1969, Neil Armstrong set the first mankind foot on the moon. The same year, Nam June Paik created a bra with two tiny TV sets featuring this remarkable event. Charlotte Moorman wore it over her bare breast as she played her cello : TV Bra for Living sculptures. The event got even more remarkable. Video art created a constellation connecting erotism, technology and the cosmos. In 2019, thousands of women, men and children (thousands of Neil Armstrong) are not allowed to set foot on the ground. They are wrecked at sea aboard their miniature Apollo 11. The shrinking of the planet and humans’ dreams.
There is only three ways to avoid drowning into an ocean of despair 1) a love encounter 2) to act jointly for a social revolution towards freedom 3) to take on an ongoing basis poetic and artistic actions.
In regard to points 1) and 2), it is not in the missions of Instants Vidéo. We are not matchmakers, nor a Political Bureau. We are simply a group of freedom loving people, and for this reason we throw open the doors of the festival to all the artistic works keen to make life more interesting than art.

Video art didn’t have its last word, nor shown its last image.
Artists of the world, let’s unite our films, video installations and performances so that every human being can walk around the earth freely, as weightless as a cosmonaut in outer space.


International event supported by The Ministry of Culture (DRAC PACA), The Regional Council (PACA), the General Council of Les Bouches-du-Rhône, The City of Marseille.