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Les Instants Vidéo unwasted but generous wishes for 2019

Les Instants Vidéo unwasted but generous wishes for 2019

We are not free because we don’t permit ourselves what we allow to the world powerful leaders,
laziness, spontaneity, inventiveness, impulse, improvisation and the capacity to harm.
This is why we must urgently embrace two dreams introduced by the Fluxus poet Robert Filliou fifty years ago but which are still so topical today:

1) To build an “International network of disturbers” made of persons who will enjoy causing salutary nuisances by refusing the standards, awards and taboos of the society they are living in.

2) To create “The International Nuisance Party”: Filliou used to say, I my opinion, the most important value of art and the artist in general lies in the fact that we are such a nuisance for everybody. And therefore, why not be aware of the positive role of being a nuisance and create this party?
At that time, the idea was to appoint John Cage as the Minister of Culture.

One of the first actions of these two organisations could be to meet every month on the 5th, in the street “rue d’Aubagne” in Marseilles, to express with gravity our justified rages in memory of the 8 persons dead in the collapse of their residential building last November 5, because of considerable negligences.

We are down a very slippery slope for 2019.
If we slip, let’s do it the slapstick way of Charlot, Buster Keaton, the Marx Brothers… There is no shame in falling down. Once down, just bounce back.

We wish you happy bounces.

Picture : Travel note books Marseille, France (2018) / Silvia de Gennaro (Italie)

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