Association d’Aide aux Jeunes Travailleurs (AAJT) 3 rue Palestro, 13003 Marseille

AAJT belongs to the movement called “Popular Education”, and working in direction of young underprivileged workers. Time going, they followed the changing of situation of youth, more and more in the margins or in precarious situations, out of work, weaken by the dismantling of the suburbs, and with health fragilities. From the eighties, AAJT stated to increase the welcome of young migrants. Today, these persons are in majority in AAJT.

3.30 / 5.30pm The multiple images of the stranger and strangeness (stereotypes and representations) – Discussion and screening
Europa (7’20 – 2018) / Sonia Winter (France)
Mediterraneo (2’ – 2017) / Mauro Rescigno (Italy)
L’impasse du bout du monde (3’45 – 2016) / Manuel Hanot (Belgium)
Refugees are Welcome (3’07 – 2017) / Shivkumar K V (India)
Mémoire de la Terre (12’50 – 2017) / Samira Badran (Palestine – Spain)

                                      Mediterraneo (2’ – 2017) / Mauro Rescigno (Italy)


5.30 to 7pm Vernissage
Video installation: No human is legal (1’25 – 2017) / Hamza Kirbas (Turkey)
Screening program in loop:
Human (0’57 – 2018) / Ahsen Tabak & Selen Sözber (Turkey)
Kalk ( Up ) (3 days – 2018) / Satuk Bugra Yildirim (Turkey)
Even The Birds Know It (3’ – 2017) / Rachel Cosic & Zlatko Cosic (Yougoslavia / USA)
Flying to Nowhere (1’14 – 2017) / Matthew Lancit (Canada)
En bleu, blanc et rouge (4’- 2016) / Yves-Marie Mahé (France)
Song N°27 (4’50 – 2018) / Céline Trouillet (France)
MAD ! (3’20 – 2017) / Nuria Margarita Menchaca Brandan (Mexico)
Maula Jutt (3’50 – 2014) / Haider Ali Jan (Pakistan)
Presque invisible [Deux poèmes pour la Syrie] (10’ – 2018) / Lisi Prada (Spain)

              Even The Birds Know It (3’ – 2017) / Rachel Cosic & Zlatko Cosic (Yougoslavia / USA)


Service d’Accueil et de Réinsertion des Adultes (SARA)
54a rue de Crimée 13003 Marseille

For more than 20 years SARA has been struggling against poverty, precarity and social exclusion. Its field of activities is large (social emergency, sheltering, social and professional support…) and in direction of families, refugees, homeless….

4 to 5pm Opening of installations
I choose not to (2’ – 2017) / Jola Kudela aka YOLA (Poland – GB)
Sans toi(t) (10’11 – 2016) / Franck Oddoz-Mazet (France)

                              I choose not to (2’ – 2017) / Jola Kudela aka YOLA (Poland – GB)


Association Départementale pour l’Emploi Intermédiaire (ADPEI)
18 boulevard Flammarion 13001 Marseille

ADPEI has been a main actor of social and solidarity economy in Marseille for more than 30 years, working in direction of persons in a social precariousness.

2 to 3.30pm: Screening and sharing of ideas

5.30pm Opening
La limite élastique (14’ – 2017) / Pasty (France)
Night Clerk (1’35 – 2017) / Damon Mohl (USA)
L´Usine (3’44 – 2017) / Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain – France)
Le temps est hors de ses gonds (7’09 – 2018) / Bernard Obadia (France)



(towards new possibles)

6pm (Gallery Salle des Machines & Tour Panorama level 3) – Opening of the video exhibitions

6pm A tribune to the pionnier of video art: Global Groove (1973) / Nam June Paik (Corea) presented in the Pop-up bus of  Art-Cade Gallery, in the frame of the project Marseille Tours Détours in partnership with Collectif DEUX bis.

8.01pm to 12pm (Grand Plateau)
Screenings, performances and an opera
The art works will be accompanied by Act 1 of the “threepenny opera in 3 days, 3 acts
With open discussions, sounds, images & bodies and A red-and-black major” by Marc Mercier et Samuel Bester :
8.05pm : « Prelude »
8.15pm : scene 1) « Anthropocene appears on the scene », with the world premiere
#MemoryoftheUniverse | Bayesian Poisoning, a collaborative performance by Alysse Stepanian, Philip Mantione & Mallory Fabian (USA).
9.30pm : scene 2) « The rise of a desire  »
9.45pm : scene 3) « Bread and roses  »
10.30pm : scene 4) « Breaking the silence»
11.15pm : scene 5) « The time of the Metamorphoses»
Video by : Jacques Willemont & Pierre Bonneau (France), Judith Lesur (France), Alice Guy (France), Chantal Akerman (Belgium), Virginie Foloppe (France), Bahar B Faraz (Iran), Francesca Lolli (Italy), Charles Pennequin (France), Jean-Gabriel Périot (France), Marie-Paule Bilger (France), Esmeralda da Costa (Portugal), Adam Bales & Paul Ingram (GB), Collective Abou Naddara (Syria), The Unit (GB), Samuel Bester (France), Dana Dal Bo (Canada), Khadija El Abyad (Morocco), Michèle Waquant (Canada – France)

                                              Révolu  (0’40 – 2018) / Judith Lesur (France)


Act 2 of the three penny opera in 3 days, 3 acts…

2.02pm – Abstract of act I

Act II
2.09pm  Scene 1) On the misery of artistic life colonised by digital and neoliberal culture:
a consideration of its political and sexual aspects and of a few poetical ways to overcome it.
9 video by Juergen Trautwein (Germany / USA), Bernard Obadia (France), Ewan Golder (GB / France), Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma (Argentina), Esmeralda da Costa (Portugal / France), Lee Lo-Yi (Taïwan), Rocco Scaranello (France), Khalil Charif (Brazil), Gerald Habarth (USA).

3.16pm : scene 2) Harpoon & art-as-a-bridge
5 video by Michel Humeau (France), Niko (France), Andy Ferré (France), Yves-Marie Mahé (France), Boris du Boullay (France).

4.03pm : scene 3) When the stranger comes
12 video by David Finkelstein (USA), Maïa Izzo (France), Christin Bolewski (Germany), khalil N (Lebanon), Yves-Marie Mahé (France), Samira Badran (Palestine / Spain), Alice Fargier (France), Inés Wickmann (Colombia / France), Laura & Sira Cabrera (Spain), Bob Kohn (France), Judith Lesur (France), Silvia de Gennaro (Italy).

                                    Travel note books : Marseille, France (2018) /Silvia de Gennaro (Italy)


6.01pm : Scene 4) A world boundlessly open to questions
5 video by Michel Pavlou (Greece / Belgique), Ana Clara & Clara Molinari (Brazil / Italy), Emmanuelle Bayart & Timo Kirez (France / Germany), Di Hu (China/ Irlande), Clément Beraud (France).

7.27pm Break time

9.01 to 11.04pm
Scene 5) SextrØØpia, a cybersexual smartcity / Yann Minh (France)
An immersive conference in the NooMuseum


Act 3 of the three penny opera in 3 days, 3 acts… Les Instants Vidéo weave with Africa Fête – Africa / Video Art / Music

When all of us will learn in the language of others the world welcome!
Welcome / Bienvenido / Willkommen / Benvenuto / Bem vido / Bun venit / I mirëpritur / Akeyi / Selamat datang / Barka / Bixêrhatin / Nau mai / Xush kelibsiz / wilujeung sumping karşılama / Wamukelekile / Dalal-jàmm…

Prelude: From the happy rise of 1968 to the drowning of the people in exile in 2018!

10.14am Boarding
Screening : Jusqu’au bout (40’ – 1973) / A collectif film (France)

11.03am Histories of Africa Fête Festival
With Jacques Soncin (journalist, a friend of Mamadou Konté, founding member of free independant radio stations in France and in Africa), Cécile Rata (Manager of Africa Fête), Michel Lepoitevin ( a friend of Mamadou Konté and co-secretary of the association Solidaires 13).

12.27 Pause
Let’s all bring along the food we want to share with the others.

2.01pm Screening towards the future
5 Video by Alain Castan (France), Jean-Denis Bonan, Mireille Abramovici & Caroline Biri (France), Kheraba Traore (Sénégal), Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani (Togo), Michel Digout (France).

3.03pm Stories: Marseilles / Immigrations / Struggles of yesterday and today
Discussion with Jacques Soncin, Liliana Nasser, Samy Johsua, Alain Castan (co-founder of Transit Librairie), Etienne Chomarat (activist in the association Survie since 2008  and committed in different collectives from Popular Education and international solidarity)…

4.28pm Let’s the bodies talk (screenings)
2 video by Khadija El Abyad (Morocco), Steven Cohen (South Africa)


                                Abattoir (14’50 – 2017) / Steven Cohen  (South Africa)


5.03pm The body talks (performance)
Décoquillons nous ! (around 15’ – 2018) / Nelson Niyakire (Burundi) and 3 friends

5.44pm  To project where we stand, where we live, where we love
3 video by Muhammad Taymour (Egypt), Mounir Fatmi (Morocco), Jason Bernagozzi (USA)

6.27pm Putting an end to slavery
Comme une hache dans la mer gelée (4’45 – 2018) / Michel Digout (France)
Like dolls I’ll rise (28’35 – 2018) / Nora Philippe (France)

7.09pm Pause

8.32pm Highlights on Africa Fête
World musics are music from here and there
Presentation of the 2nd price of Musique d’ici, with Bernard Guinard manager of FAMDT

8.43pm Afro-pop-electro concert
Germaine Kobo & Bella Lawson (artists from Marseilles and finalists from the price Musiques d’Ici)

Germaine Kobo & Bella Lawson


La Machine Pneumatique Traverse du Regali, Marseille 13016

Screening and encounter
Is it a true story telling? (42’ – 2017) / Clio Simon (France)

Acoustic sound creation in presence of the artist
Loup (15’ – 2018) / Sophie-Charlotte Gautier (France)


Vidéodrome 2 – 49 cours Julien, Marseille 13006

Videodrome 2 is at first a project born from the desire to meet, to exchange and to experiment. The programming of the cinema is the result of a work in common with multiple partners, either professionals or not that gathered in a collective of programming.

6.30pm  Noise and visual un-disturbance
10 Vidéo de Alexandra Montsaingeon (France), Susanne Wiegner (Germany), Alexandre Erre (France), Rojin Shafiei (Iran), Mélodie Drissia Tabita (Morocco – France), Oliver Pietsch (Germany), Parul Bouvart (India), Daniel H. Dugas (Canada), Pauline Laurent (France)

8.30pm  A watchful eye and hearing
3 Vidéo de Gaëtan Trovato (France), Frédéric Hainaut (Belgium), Yves-Marie Mahé (France)

                                     La chanson politique de Colette Magny (32’ – 2017) / Yves-Marie Mahé (France)



Marseille is our anchorage ground, our landing area to welcome the world and our runway to meet the elsewheres, thank to partners with whom we build poetronic constellations.

FRANCE, Puyricard (Salle des fêtes, 35 avenue Jean d’Orsini)
Saturday, october 13 (5pm)

A screening program in the frame of a day for Palestine, organised by the Association France-Palestine Solidarity (AFPS 04).
Video by Samira Badran (Palestine), khalil N (Lebanon), Marc Mercier (France), Lucia Ahmad (Palestine), Sharif Waked (Palestine), Rania Stephan (Lebanon), Khaled Jarrar (Palestine), Bashar Alhroub (Palestine), Nahed Awwad (Palestine), Rafeef Ziadah (Palestine/GB)

                                 Statement (2′ – 2012) / Lucia Ahmad (Palestine)


Aix-en-Provence (School of art, Rue Emile Tavan)
Wednesday,november 14 (6pm)

An encounter with Samuel Bester, preceded by a screening program by Jean-Michel Rolland (France), Clémence Renaud (France), Guangli Liu (China / France), Samuel Bester (Germany / France)

University of Architecture La Sapienza (Aula Master, DPTA, Via Flaminia 72)

Thursday, October 25 (4.30pm)

1968 / 2018 (Part 1) : Video by Collectif Abou Naddara (Syria), Judith Lesur (France), Alice Fargier (France / Switzerland), Luigi Romani (Italy / France), Ana Clara & Clara Molinari (Brazil / Italy), Selene Citron & Luca Lunardi (Italy), Clémence B. T. D. Barret (France), Qin Tan (China), Inés Wickmann (Colombia / France), Samira Badran (Palestine / Spain)

Friday, Octobre 26 (4.30pm)

1968 / 2018 (Part 2) : Alice Guy (France), Chantal Akerman (Belgium), Francesca Lolli (Italy), Virginie Foloppe (France), Bahar B Faraz (Iran / Sweden), Khadija El Abyad (Morocco), Dana Dal Bo (Canada), Lee Lo-Yi (Taïwan), Valentina Maz (Egypt / Armenia), Isabel Pérez del Pulgar (Spain / France), Alain Bourges (France)


Dolorosa Mater (3’14 – 2017) / Francesca Lolli (Italy)                       Clown (3’29 – 2017) / Bahar B Faraz (Iran – Sweeden)

[.BOX]Videoart project space (Via Federico Confalonieri 11)
November 9 to 29 (open Wednesday and Thursday 6.30 to 8.30pm)

Video by Marah Zoubi (Palestine), Clémentine Rettig (France / Germany), Maja Hodoscek (Slovenia), John Di Stefano (Canada), Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu (Romania), Francisco Ricardo Espinosa Rossié (Pako) (Cuba), Shivkumar K V (India), Samira Badran (Palestine / Spain)

Killing Hope (10’52 – 2017) / Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu (Roumania) – Belice (6’45 – 2018) / Clémentine Rettig (France – Germany)

Visual Container TV
November 9 to December 5 (24h/24h)

Video by Ameer Albassri (Irak), Lena Schmidt (Germany), Katarina Balunova (Slovaquia), Richard Legaspi (Taïwan / Philippines), Rafael Triana (Cuba / France), Fran Orallo (Spain / GB), Showna Kim (South Korea), Nadim Choufi (Lebanon), Ahmed El Shaer (Egypt), Maxime Hot (France), Soran Ahmed (Kurd from Irak / Germany)

ARGENTINA, Buenos Aires
Festival Video Bardo / XXIe International Festival of Video Poetry
Tuesday, November 20

Video by Soheil Seraji (Iran), Lobo Pasolini (Brazil), José Alejandro López (Colombia), Laura del Muro (Spain), Cristián Tàpies & Roberto Oyarzún Susñar (Chile), Mehdi Farajpour (Iran / France), Úrsula San Cristóbal (Spain), Francesca Fini (Italy), Henry Gwiazda (USA), Sandra Crisp (GB), Mohamed A. Gawad (Egypt), Yunuén Rosas Ortiz (Mexico)

                                                  TYPO#3 (6’ – 2016/17) / Francesca Fini (Italie)