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The festival : performances, concert

The festival : performances, concert


SARA 54a rue de Crimée 3e
Thursday, November 8 (4.30pm)

Tolten, slam, about 20’
Let’s meet Tolten, a poet off-the-wall! He will read aloud some of his texts written after meeting persons living in the street. Whether living without shelter, without documents or without…, they are often without future nor horizons. But in their tragedy, they move us deeply, their humanity is fundamental to us. Let’s listen…

Friche la Belle de Mai, 41 rue Jobin 3e

Friday, November 9 (8.30pm)

#MemoryoftheUniverse | Bayesian Poisoning 
(50’ – 2018) collaborative performance with 3D animations, live electronics & guitar, dance
Alysse Stepanian: concept, research and text, 3D animations, performance
Philip Mantione: concept, music and sound design, live performance
Mallory Fabian: dance, choreography

Long-time collaborators, Alysse Stepanian and Philip Mantione will perform together in a new work that incorporates Mantione’s music, Stepanian’s 3D animations and her critical analysis of American culture and politics. Choreographer and dancer, Mallory Fabian, whose work has been described as “very physical, intrusive and confrontational” (LA Dance Chronicle), adds a powerful voice to this quirky hybrid performance that fuses art and poetry with the factual language of history. Mantione’s music includes live synth and processed guitar, prerecorded electronics and samples of vocalist Jan Opalach. He uses found text culled from examples of Bayesian Poisoning, an email spammer technique that undermines spam filtering by inserting nonsensical and often poetic paragraphs in the body of an email. In Stepanian’s 3D animations, a mythopoeic cowwoman that embodies the memory of the universe, surveys the destructive human legacy from a posthuman world. Stepanian will perform with poetic and political messages juxtaposed with personal memes that dance on the screen to the rhythm of Mantione’s music. This performance alludes to selective memory in constructing historical narratives, and suggests an optimism that something positive can emerge from the chaos and the often-malevolent mien of humanity. This work will be further developed for future presentations.

#MemoryoftheUniverse | Bayesian Poisoning (50′ – 2018) / Alysse Stepanian, Philip Mantione, Mallory Fabian (USA)

Saturday, November 10 (9pm)

SextrØØpia, a cybersexual smarticity (A utopian and sensual alternative to the collapse of civilisation) / Yann Minh (France)
An immersive conference in the NooMuseum
The spectators who wish may come to the conference with their laptop (Mac, PC and Linus). A stand alone version of the NøøMuseum will be distributed on USB stick, so that you can follow Yan Minh in the labyrinth of his virtual museum.
Yann Minh offers a long and fascinating two hours walk in his museum. The NøøMuseum is not only a digital artwork, but also a kind of digital Postman Cheval’s Ideal Palace and an innovative and fun educational tool using an ancient memory enhancement method called “method of Loci” (Memory palace or Ars MemorativaP. Yann has been using it for 15 years successfully in art and engineering  high schools.
His NøøConference invites the audience to a journey back in time, from the origins of humanity  to our transhumanist future, following the guiding thread of the immaterial origins of life, to arrive at a provocative proposal of utopian cities of the future, connected, sustainable and dedicated to cybersex.
The conference will be in 2 parts. The first one will present the first version of the NøøMuseum created in 2003 with the Unreal Tournament game engine, and will focus on sexual metaphors in art and science fiction cinema. The second part, with the Unity 2018 version of the NøøMuseum will deal with history of cyber-sexuality and the proposition of the utopian city of SextrØØpia.

SextrØØpia, a cybersexual smarticity / Yann Minh (France)

Sunday, November 11 (5pm)

Décoquillons nous ! (15’ – 2018) / Nelson Niyakire (Burundi) & 4 friends Carlène Ingabire, Elsie Ngoy, Moses Mangona, Sonia Ingabire
A man with his head in a sphere in cob. How to rid ourselves of all what inhibits us?
Human beings are often used to go into a shell to protect themselves from a environment supposed to be hostile, a stifling situation that doesn’t allow to look objectively. To get rid of this protection is a delicate process that can weaken us, unless we abandon the idea to free ourselves one by one for the benefit to engage in a collective action.

                               Décoquillons nous ! (15’ – 2018) / Nelson Niyakire (Burundi) & 3 friends

Sunday, November 11 (8.30pm)

Germaine Kobo & Bella Lawson – Concert Afro-pop-electro, en partenariat avec le Festival Africa Fête
Issue de la diaspora de l’ancien Congo-Belge, Germaine Kobo est une chanteuse Marseillaise. Autodidacte, elle s’accompagne à la guitare, ressent au fond d’elle-même la musique qu’elle crée.
Au fil du temps, Germaine Kobo développe son propre style musical, très personnel que l’on peut qualifier de visuel, textuel et dansant. C’est de l’afro-électro-pop. Cette artiste ouverte sur le monde multiplie les collaborations avec des artistes régionaux et internationaux. Pour cette soirée, elle s’est associée à Bella Lawson (chanteuse et percussionniste), artiste également marseillaise d’origine togolaise.

Germaine Kobo & Bella Lawson

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