Passages: through cities and deserts

An invitation to wander from town to town, sometimes with a stop in a desert landscape. These works of arts form a subjective inventory of the diversity of today’s world. There are glances and listening in which imaginary interfere with realities, delight with worry. A Journey in Palestine, Turquey, Egypt, Germany, Brasil, Mexico, USA, China, India, Spain and France. 50 years : 2nd stop in Japon – Yokohama – Redbrick Warehouse – Akarenga Soko n°1 June 20th to 30th 2013: an exhibition in the frame of Le mois de la France au Japon organised by The French Institute in Yokohama.


Program h0rizon (Ramallah Tel Aviv) – Toni Mestrovic (Croatie, 2011) 8’24 Disposition (enluminures numériques) – Renaud Vercey, Bruno Voillot, Yann Norry, (France) 2009 Untitled (Raining Stones) – Mattias Härenstam (Allemagne, 2004) 3’24 A/Traés (Crossing) -Kika Nicolela (Brésil, 2003) 9’03 Performance – Dan Oki (Croatie, 2013) 35′ Centipede sun – Mihai Grecu (France/Roumanie, 2010) 10’ MADridMADràsMADdrid – Fatima Miranda, Juanjo Delgado (Espagne) 20’ Red memory – Robert Cahen, John Borst (France, 2010) 9’30 Corrida urbaine Marc Mercier (France, 2008) 3’15 Traffic Police – Mariana Vassileva (Bulgarie/Allemagne, 2007 ) 1’44 Vacuum – Raeda Saadeh (Palestine, 2007) 17’07