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Digital archives

Digital archives

Archives of the festival (since 1988)
where you can make a search with one or more words (title, artists…)


Le temps à l’oeuvre, f(r)iction by Marc Mercier
“An history of video art can only be written in the same “bad hat” spirit particular to this artistic adventure among the Fluxus movement, in the beginning of the sixties. A book like that had to be a poetic act. Marc Mercier’s work do not only tell us the story of the biggest video art festival in South of France, Les Instants Vidéo, which is celebrating this year its 20th birthday, and that is now settled in Marseille. He goes beyond the limits and invite us to think the century. He questions modernity, technologies, memory, poetry, politics, art, History, friendship…. A true poetic war machine. An history that is told the way we would tell moments of a burning life. A travel diary that invites us to explore poetronic territories in Croatia, in Argentina, in Morocco, in France, in jail or in the desert…”, wrote the poet Manuel Estrella in 2006. / Text by Marc MERCIER / Photographies and graphism : Giney AYME / 20 € + 5 € de port


portal is a web platform dedicated to time-based media : avant-garde and experimental cinema, artists’ films, video art, exhibition cinema, etc. Its search engine that allows the users to search and browse on seven French archives and much more soon. With : Circuit Court Collectif Jeune Cinéma ・Heure Exquise ! ・Instants Vidéo ・ Le Peuple qui Manque ・Light Cone ・Vidéoformes ・Archives Françaises du Film (AFF) ・Centre National Des Arts Plastiques – Fonds National D’art Contemporain ・Centre Pompidou (département « cinéma » et « nouveaux médias ») ・Cinédoc – Paris Film Coop ・Pointligneplan


GAMA, Gateway to Archives of Media Art
Provides access to a wealth of information about the works of both well-known and emerging media artists from European collections of media art. The media art content initially comes from eight European media art archives and can be searched and browsed on this navigation platform. The portal networks different databases housing textual and visual information on more than 10,000 works. With : Argos center for art & media・Ars Electronica・C³ Center for Culture & Communication・Filmform・Heure Exquise!・Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques・Netherlands Media Art Institute / Montevideo・SCCA-Ljubljana

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