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Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques is a non-profit art organisation (association law 1901) that inherited from the international Festival Les Instants Vidéo founded in 1988 in Manosque (Department of Alpes de Haute Provence) and based in Marseille (since 2004).
In the field of video art creation in Marseille Region, our association holds a singular position, both in its approach and in its artistic choices, which is the result of a long-term project carried out on our home base as well as at an international level.

Our project Thought & practice of images  is developed around two priorities that overlap, interact and enrich one another, and which links are inseparable and unbreakable : one is artistic and the other in related to cultural & poetical rights.

On the artistic level, our task is to report publicly on the evolution of digital and video art creation either by the presentation of works, or with poetical and theoretical contributions, to support and promote artistic creation and to enhance the visibility of emerging artists locally as well as internationally, to develop and sustain long-standing and occasional partnerships with artistic and cultural organisations, to build lasting relationships with artists.

Our activities follow 4 directions:
– Curator (exhibitions and screenings) from the local to the international level,
– Art works ambassador and go-between,
– Expertise sharer: mentoring of artists and organisations, co-creation & support of festivals, jury in festival, diploma…, conferences, lectures…
– Exchange of knowledges: publications, workshops, symposiums…

On the axe of cultural and poetical rights, our goal is to take actions so that video arts are not kept into an enclave but shared largely, to strengthen cooperation of the social and cultural spheres and to intensify the possibility of different audiences to meet (fields of art, education, social…). But our purpose is also to understand what are the political, economic, cultural challenges of the Euro-Mediterranean Region in order to get the necessary distance to perform as an actor of the word of arts and culture.

We therefor act in 3 directions:
– Image education & participation: video art awareness workshop, conversation tour of exhibitions, popular art galleries, the Programm’actors collaborative project…
– Art, citizenship & civil society: collective commitments with REF (Euromed network France), Ligue de l’Enseignement13 (Popular education), Territoires Solidaires, co-organisation of workshops (Libyan, Syrian youths), public encounters, forums, panel discussions…)
– De-compartmentalisation / Cultural biodiversity

Who are the members ?

The activities of the association are made possible thanks to the commitment of the volunteers, whose competencies and sensitivities are multiple: education, arts, culture, social work, and who are involved in the daily life of the structure as well as in the artistic project, together with the more permanent team.
Willy Legaud (Teacher school of arts, graphic designer, webmaster and President of the association)
Sophie Poulard (Managing Director HAS)
Jean-Jacques Blanc (Musician, singer, comedian)
David Bouvard (Artist)
Sophie Charlotte Gautier ( Film maker and producer)
Ella Carrara (Production)
Chantal Maire (Co-founder of the festival )
Vincent Makowski (Net art artist, graphic designer)
Thomas Rolin (Coach in education)
Jean-François Moulin (Doctor)
Gabriel Mattei (Student)
Nadège Cormier (Nurse)

The team

Naïk M’Sili (co-director)
Marc Mercier (co-founder and artistic director of Instants Vidéo, film maker, writer, video art critic)
Samuel Bester (film maker, technical coordinator)
Tiffanie Taveau (in charge of the relations with the audiences)
Willy Legaud (Graphic designer, webmaster)
Sara-Lou Berthelot (public services mission, in charge of the relations with the audiences )

1 Comment

  1. Abel M. Salas · 3 September 2018 Reply

    Estimada familia poética (Naïk M’Sili, Catalina Cuevas, et. al),

    I plan to be in Marseille from Nov. 7th through Nov. 12th. As the Publisher/Editor of BROOKLYN & BOYLE, an activist Chicano/Latinx cultural arts and community issues magazine based in East Los Angeles, California, I would like to formally request press credentials to cover the Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques Festival alongside my Associate Editor/Photographer Kelly Blunt. Ms. Blunt recently wrote the review of a new video and sound project created for Instants Vidéo 2018 by Alysse Stepanian and her long-time partner Philip Mantione.

    In early October, i will be launching a second arts & culture publication in Austin, Texas called ARRIBA. Both magazines have individual circulations of about 15,000 and are also distributed for free. I was raised in Austin and since that city is the seat of the annual South by Southwest Music & Media Festival, I believe our stories from and on Instants 2018 will be well received by both readers of BROOKLYN & BOYLE in Southern California and of ARRIBA in Austin. In addition to my work as the founding editor at BROOKLYN & BOYLE, which was opened in 2008, I have written extensively as a freelance journalist for a gamut of publications such as THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE, THE NEW YORK TIMES, LOS ANGELES TIMES MAGAZINE and LA WEEKLY. I will also approach them about publishing my coverage as a courtesy.

    Below, please find links to a piece I wrote for THE NEW YORK TIMES about the nuptials of Herman Atkins, a black man falsely imprisoned for 14-years over something he never did. I’ve also included our recent piece, penned by Kelly Blunt for my paper, on Alysse Stepanian’s new MOTU video. Please let us know how we may acquire press credentials and if you can recommend any low cost accommodations for the duration of our stay.


    In addition to my work as a journalist and publisher, I consider myself a poet of conscience, un escritor comprometido, and I firmly believe in the power of poetry to change the world. For me, poetry has been a necessary and urgent part of my existence and all human interaction since I was 12-years-old. My own poetry had been published in Zyzzyva, Huizache, BELTWAY POETRY QUARTERLY, AND AMERICAS QUARTERLY MAGAZINE, as well as the anthologies POETRY OF RESISTANCE: VOICES FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE (University of Arizona Press, 2016) and COILED SERPENT: POETS ARISING FROM THE CULTURAL QUAKES & SHIFTS OF LOS ANGELES (Tia Chucha Press, 2016). In November, my long-awaited debut collection of poetry, ANATOMÍA DE UN DESCORAZONADO: HEARTBREAK ANATOMY 101, will be published by Moth Dog Press.

    Abel Salas
    ph. 213-858-8252

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