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Short films realized during the festival by the students in documentary film in Master’s degree

For the third year, we weaved a partnership with the Professional Master degree Documentary film careers of the University of Aix-Marseille. http://blog.univ-provence.fr/wordpress/les-metiers-du-film-documentaire/ From 5 till 11 November, during the Festival, a workshop managed by Pascal Cesaro, teacher in charge of the Master’s degree, gathered 13 students of the University of Aix-Marseille and a student of the University Dar Al Kalima of Bethlehem in Palestinehttp://www.daralkalima.net The students will be asked to work in two different directions. The “imposed” realisation gives a glance of the daily artistic program of the festival, with 5 short films (around 5′) which will be presented to the audience at 2pm every day in the large screening room of La Cartonnerie in la Friche. With the personal realisation, the student will be able to give her/his own look at an artist, an art work or a theme of the festival in order to create a ground for an audiovisual thought.

Installations outside FricheA Sunday in Sweden or the encounter of a young Swedish student from the art school Mont Cotton (Bagnol sur Cèze). – Ave Maria , a video deconstruction of the title of the festival: YOU WANTED ME A VIRGIN, I WANTED YOU LESS DUMB (STUPID). – C’est une femme. – En cuisine Simone

Installations Hors Friche Un dimanche en suède Ave Maria C’est une femme En cuisine, Simone !

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