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A White Night devoted to Psychoanalysis, Video Art and Performances

A White Night devoted to Psychoanalysis, Video Art and Performances

Night standing from Dusk to Dawn (from 5:14 pm to 7:29 am) at la Friche, Cartonnerie

Operating Instructions for Having a Thrilling Night

A crossing. A journey. An experience – not without stopovers. On what might appear to be strange or unknown territory: for some, the writings of Freud and Lacan, for others, video art and performances. A night where no one will have the same experience, and no one will be left aside no matter what. Indeed, there is a story that reminds us of a witty student who once wrote on the black board, just before the teacher came to speak in front of it, “To every Jack his Jill, to Lacan his lacuna”. We are all cut from the same cloth, aren’t we? So let’s just make ourselves available for this nighttime adventure, and for textual, sonorous and visual pleasures – a delight of the senses, that is. Our partners for the night – the École de la Cause freudienne and the New Lacanian School – will in some ways disturb the habits of our festival. Because, when it comes to presenting films, welcoming performers, exhibiting artwork…. we have it all under control. But that is where the danger lies: control! The need to control everything, even the flow of desire, is the malaise of our society. So without thinking twice we’ve opened the floodgates to shake things up. And now about 90 key figures of Marseille’s public, political, cultural, artistic and scientific life have agreed to come and read Freud and Lacan. This is unprecedented. And this is why we love our psychoanalyst friends. They could have invited only specialists of the couch to read these texts. But they chose the gap, the lacuna. What a poetic conscience! You won’t be able to listen to everyone. There will be four different spaces for simultaneous readings: Reflection, Couch, Bedroom, and Field. Desire arises from frustration, as you know. From time to time, and we won’t reveal all the secrets (of desire), there will be whisperings escorting you here or there, but shush… we mustn’t say too much, must we? And thus the night begins… 5.14pm (in the twilight) Chœur Tac-Til (50′ – 2016) / Visually impaired vocal ensemble with multiple voices. (France) With Mafalda Da Camara, Mélodie Duchesne, Gihane Elhassouni, Chérifa Harzallah, Angélique Huguenin, Franck Omer, François Parra, Karine Porciero, Alex Querel, Bruno Raby, Natacha Muslera & a robot haptic. Programming: Charles Bascou In the twilight, the choir Choeur tac-til offers a concert in which the listeners will pierce the darkness. 6.13pm Notturno (20′ – 2015) / Fatima Bianchi (Italy) 6.45pm Let’s have some drinks and food in the Cabaret of Omar, spiced with simultaneous selected readings of Freud and Lacan. 8.59pm A conference by Gérard Wajcman: “The pornography of horror” Writer and psychoanalyst in Paris, member of ECF (Freud school of psychoanalysis) and lecturer at the University Paris 8, author of the book L’œil absolu (Denoël, 2010). 9.54pm Selected readings of Freud and Lacan. 10.31pm Real life is like a poetical effort that ricochets the new horizons to here on the Drunk Boat of our imperturbable images 8 video by João Cristovão Leitão (Portugal), Bob Kohn & François Gaulon (France), Maral Pourmandan (Iran), Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Koeperl (Austria/Germany), Laura & Sira Cabrera (Spain), Johanna Thomas & Aurore Senave (France), Eleni Gioti (Greece), Gérard Chauvin (France). 11.39pm Round table: “Are we ever poet enough “ with Hervé Castanet, Gérard Wajcman, Julien Blaine, Florence Pazzottu and Marc Mercier (moderator: Pamela King) To spark the debate: Lacan Dalida (6’30 – 2000) / Pascal Lièvre (France) 00.34am Selected readings of Freud and Lacan 1.13am The gaze of hearing (1) 5 video by Nicole Jolicoeur (Quebec), Samuli Laine (Finland), Inés Wickmann (Colombia), Reem Zaghmout & Malak Elghuel (Belize/Libya), Samuel Bester (France). 1.41am Round table “The eye and the voice “ with Hervé Castanet, Gérard Wajcman, Christian Sébille, Francisco Ruiz de Infante, Natacha Muslera, Marc Mercier (moderator : Dominique Pasco). 2.20am The gaze of hearing (2) 5 video by Alain Basso (France), Petra Zlonoga (Croatia), Mathilde Leroy (France), Jean-Louis Accettone (France), Clio Simon (France). 3.17am Selected readings of Freud and Lacan 3.29am Beginning of the performance Sitting and Smiling (240′) / Benjamin Bennett (USA); a web streaming with the artist workshop in Philadelphia. It will end at 7.29am with the sunset. 3.52am Epic Theatre to sail under the stars BUTCHER: Chin up, good gentlemen! We’re not yet dead and therefore still alive. MULBERRY: Not to be dead is not the same as living. (Excerpt from The résistible rise of Arturo Ui by Bertolt Brecht) 2 video by Magali Dougoud & Nicolas Raufaste (Switzerland/France) and by Kika Nicolela (Brazil) 5.03am Selected readings of Freud and Lacan 5.34am Once knocked down, the walls become bridges (Angela Davis) 4 video by Claudia Araya López (Chile/Argentina), Ho Pei Ling (Taïwan), Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy), Azelle Huguet (France) 6.20am Let’s have a breakfast and selected readings of Freud and Lacan. 6.48am Grand Entry (30′ – 2016) by Gigacircus,  with Gustavo Alvarez (Mexico), Lionel Camburet & Sylvie Marchand (France) (Ritual, video screening and performance) 7.29 (Sunset) End of the performance Sitting and Smiling by Benjamin Bennett 7.42am To go beyond the limits of (the sexagesimal calculation) night, here comes the screening of a video pursuing the body of women which disappear under their virginal dress… The stolen bride (an unconvincing attempt) (42’10 – 2016) / Marc Mercier (France) … Free frolics and debates can continue at the bar, informal pause times where can be discussed the most relevant topics, where we build incredible relationships and where the bodies and lyrics are loosened.   capture-decran-2016-09-28-a-16-46-09 Three institutions in relation with the École de la Cause freudienne have joined in partnership with Instants Vidéo to create The White Night of Psychoanalysis, Video Art and Performance (thanks to Hervé Castanet, Pamela King, Françoise Haccoun and Dominique Pasco, who coordinated the readings). (More informations on the page “Performances…”) The Association de la Cause freudienne – Méditerranée-Alpes-Provence is one of 17 non-profit organizations created by Jacques Lacan in order to represent the École de la Cause freudienne in Belgium and in regions all over France. It promotes the practice and the study of psychoanalysis following the teachings of Jacques Lacan. The École de la Cause freudienne has been declared by the government as serving the public interest since 2006.  https://psychanalyse-map.org/acf-map/ The Clinical Section of Aix-Marseille, part of the Institute of the Freudian Field, coordinated by Jacques-Alain Miller and operating under the auspices of the Department of Psychoanalysis of University Paris 8, aims at keeping the teachings of Freud and Lacan vibrant, renewed and contemporary. Its curriculum, ensured by teachers with a Lacanian orientation and approved by the Continuing Medical Training program, is proposed to clinical practioners including psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers, as well as to students, and consists of theoretical seminars, clinical case studies, and a clinical presentation of patients in hospital. It is directed by Dr. Hervé Castanet, University Professor of Psychopathology and psychoanalyst. Now in its 22nd year, it has a branch in the town of Gap. https://psychanalyse-map.org/section-clinique-am/ The Psychoanalytic Centers for Consultations and Treatment (CPCT) (Marseille-Aubagne/Gap-Manosque) receive children, adolescents and adults for a short treatment of up to 16 sessions, free of charge. The 28 analysts that volunteer there are psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts with a Lacanian orientation. Centers throughout much of western Europe – 10 created in France by the École de la Cause freudienne – work in coordination with city hospitals, clinics, psychologists and social workers. Each year at least three public conferences are organized to discuss the issues and challenges encountered in the centers, leading to the publication of several articles and books. Open in Marseille since 2007, it is directed by Dr. Hervé Castanet, University Professor of Psychopathology and psychoanalyst. https://psychanalyse-map.org/cpct/ Contact: 06 78 12 09 51 – cpct-marseille-secretariat@hotmail.fr

93 personalities accepted to read, up to now…

Jean-Robert Alcaras, président de l’Université Populaire d’Avignon ; Philippe Amram, universitaire, astrophysicien ; Jean Arnaud, universitaire, artiste ; Brigitte Arnaud-Castiglioni, psychiatre ; René Arnaud-Castiglioni, psychiatre, chef de pôle ; Marc Antoni, psychiatre, chef de service ; Jean Arrouye, universitaire ; Françoise Aubert, commissaire d’exposition ; Madeleine Aubert, chef du protocole au Conseil Départemental ; Jean-Baptiste Audat, artiste ; Jean-Marc Avrilla, directeur de l’Ecole d’Art de Toulon ; Giney Ayme, artiste; Edith Azam, poète, chorégraphe ; Judith Bartolani, artiste ; William Benedetto, directeur du cinéma L’Alhambra ; Julien Blaine, poète, artiste ; Jean-Lucien Bonillo, universitaire, architecte ; Maxence Bras, psychiatre ; Philip Breeden, professeur, ex-consul général des Etats-Unis à Marseille ; Jacques Broda, universitaire, sociologue ; Cyril Brunet, acteur, compositeur ; Frédéric Clavere, artiste ; Gaëlle Cloarec, journaliste ; Jean-Louis Conan, directeur de l’Ecole d’Art de Marseille ; Marion Courtis, comédienne ; Dane Cuypers, journaliste ; Aude Daniel, psychiatre ; Jean de Breyne, écrivain, poète ; Pierre-Antoine Denis, restaurateur ; François-Xavier de Peretti, philosophe ; Monique Derégibus, artiste, professeur à l’Ecole d’Art de Lyon ; Guillaume de Sardes, écrivain, photographe, commissaire d’exposition ; Brigitte Devesa, conseillère départementale, adjointe au maire d’Aix-en-Provence ; Anke Dauberauer, artiste; Axelle Galtier, galeriste; Christophe Gargot, cinéaste; Augustin Giovannoni, philosophe; Eric Giraud, poète; Cari Gonzalez-Casanova, artiste; Didier Gouvernec-Ogor, galeriste ; François Guglielmi, psychiatre ; Claude Guinard, psychiatre, chef de service ; Jean-Marc Henry, psychiatre, chef de service ; Katia Imbernon, éditeur ; Dominique Juan, rédactrice en chef de côte magazine ; Isabelle Koch, universitaire, philosophe ; Joris Lachaise, cinéaste ; Bertrand le Bars, chargé de mission pour les arts visuels au Conseil Régional PACA ; Serge le Squer, artiste ; Béatrice le Tirilly, galeriste ; Ahram Lee, artiste; Florence Loussier, promotrice d’art contemporain; Saverio Lucariello, artiste; Lyse Madar, galeriste; Christophe Madrolle, secrétaire général de l’Union des Démocrates et des Ecologistes ; Lydie Marchi, commissaire d’exposition ; Dominique Maraninchi, professeur de médecine ; Gérard Martin, journaliste, conseiller municipal ; Philippe Mengue, philosophe ; Marc Mercier, auteur, réalisateur et directeur artistique des Instants Vidéo ; Florence Morali, professeur à l’Ecole d’Art de Toulon ; Sylvie Mottes, magistrate, présidente de TGI ; Brian Mura, artiste ; Pascal Neveux, directeur du FRAC PACA ; Serge Noyelle, comédien ; Françoise Oppermann, graphiste ; Jean-Pierre Ostende, écrivain ; Alain Paire, écrivain, critique d’art ; Jérôme Pantalacci, directeur d’Art-O-Rama ; Pierre Parlant, philosophe, poète ; Catherine Paulet, psychiatre, chef de pôle ; Florence Pazzottu, poète ; François-Michel Pesenti, metteur en scène ; Monique Quesada, consul général des Etats-Unis à Marseille ; Maxime Reverchon, comédien ; Céline Rothlisberger, libraire ; Mani Sahebjam, psychiatre ; Barbara Satre, galeriste ; Régis Sauder, cinéaste ; Lionel Scoccimaro, artiste ; Christian Sebille, compositeur ; Jacques Serrano, directeur artistique ; Susanna Shannon, graphiste, professeur à la Villa Arson; Françoise Siffrein-Blanc, promotrice d’art contemporain ; Daniel Sperling, conseiller régional, adjoint au maire de Marseille ; Josy Steinbach, conseillère culturelle au consulat des Etats-Unis ; Susanne Strassmann, artiste ; Michèle Sylvander, artiste ; Gérard Traquandi, artiste ; Frédéric Valabregue, écrivain, professeur à l’Ecole d’Art de Marseille ; Ricardo Vasquez, directeur de l’Hôtel des Arts de Toulon ; Nicole Yanni, directrice de théâtre ; Joël Yvon, galeriste, artiste…

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