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Short festival program

Short festival program

Marseilles, Friche la Belle de Mai, November 10 to 13


2 to 10pm Visit of the exhibitions at la Friche (Gallery Salle des Machines and Tour Panorama) 6.03pm Opening(s) at La Friche (welcome drink, the Cabaret of Omar, screening programmes on TV sets…). 6.07pm New Life / Aziz Boumediene An itinerant performance, starting at Tour Panorama (Floor 3) and going to Cartonnerie, with the dancers Ivan Bougnoux & Aziz Boumediene. 7.01pm Welcoming words by the festival and its institutional partners 7.38pm Screenings in a Poetic State of Emergency In a word heading for disaster, we must grasp the last chances of becoming more magnificent than ever. The artist’s work starts where politics fail to find a solution. Our opening(s) must be seen as a series of attempts towards new possibilities… Video by Serge Daney (France), Ameneh Zamani (Iran), Rafeef Ziadah (Palestine), Jean-Luc Godard (Switzerland), Aurèle Dumaret (France), followed by a reading by Florence Pazzottu (France). 8.29pm In praise of gourmet delights in the Cabaret of Omar: A draught of wine is better than the empire of Jamshid. The perfume of wine is better than the gifts of Hatim Tai. The sigh which slips at dawning from the breast of the drunkard is better than the lamentations of Majnun. (Omar Khayyâm) 9.33pm Ouled Jellaba, sur les traces de ses pas, je danse… (about 30′ – 2016) / Rochdi Belgasmi (Tunisia) / Dance performance

Ouled Jellaba, sur les traces de ses pas, je danse... / Rochdi Belgasmi (Tunisia)

Ouled Jellaba, sur les traces de ses pas, je danse… / Rochdi Belgasmi (Tunisia)


02.01pm In praise of mischievous but poetic trouble-makers 11 video by Alain Declercq (France), Moslem AlJubouri‬‏ (Iraq), Arijana Lekić-Fridrih (Croatia), Vatankhah Parya (Iran), Cristobal Cea (Chile), Gabriela Golder (Argentine), Isabelle Hayeur (Québec), Flakorojas (Venezuela), Christin Bolewski (Allemagne), Ζακ Σπορ (Zak Spor), (Greece). 3.24pm In praise of PAR (Palestinian Artistic Resistances) 4 video from Palestine by Samara Sallam, Salman Omaya, Rawan Obaid, Firas Shehadeh. 4.21pm The affront of frontiers raises the eybrows of rebellious 8 video by Beate Hecher & Markus Keim (Austria), Rrose Present (Spain), Jonathan Daufresne-Latour (France), Emilie Marchand (Canada), Pablo Caviedes (Equator), Silvia De Gennaro (Italy), Van Mc Elwee (USA), Céline Pierre (France). 5.48pm Poecritical portraits “legged organisms of erotic credit”, named by those that generally mix “une femme (a woman)” and “infâme (infamous)”. 8 video by Kika Nicolela (Brazil), João Cristovão Leitão (Portugal), Alejandra Morote Peralta (Peru), Myrte van der Molen (Nederland), Krefer (Brazil), claRa apaRicio yoldi (Spain/GB), Arzu Yayıntaş (Turkey), Guido’Lu (Belgium). Tasty interlude in Omar Cabaret 8.53pm “If you are going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance.” (Inuit proverb) And “I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” (Eskimo proverb). 2 video from Quebec by Marie-France Giraudon, and by Dominic Gagnon (who will present the full version of his work which was censored). 10.38pm A concert by the group Drôles de Drames. For our hearts, they hold back the night from its wandering route….. With Jean-Jacques Blanc, José dos Santos, Rémy Chaillan & Fred Albertini.

La preuve par Prince / Serge Daney (France) The Cage / Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) Pardon / khadija baker (Syria/Canada)

La preuve par Prince / Serge Daney (France)
The Cage / Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy)
Pardon / khadija baker (Syria/Canada)

SATURDAY, NOVEMBRE 12 (Under the afternoon sun)

01.57pm Where did our love and desired revolutions go? An answer in turmoil: Turmoil 1) When “never again” became “better than nothing” 4 video by Habib Bavi Sajed (Iran), Baran Caginli (Turkey), Marta Azparren (Spain), Khadija Baker (Syria). Turmoil 2) When “see there and think” has become “see this cannot be discussed” 5 video by Ambroise Carminati (France), Endam Nihan (Turkey), Alexander Chernavskiy (Russia), João Cristovão Leitão (Portugal), Chieh-sen Chiu (Taïwan). 03.19pm Under the bride’s gown 2 video by Furen Dai (China/USA) and Joël Curtz (France) followed by an encounter with Joël Curtz about his film La Mariée (The Bride).

Poema a Riotinto / Laura & Sira Cabrera (Spain) Biographies / Kika Nicolela (Brazil/Belgium) Four and a half hours / Samara Sallam (Palestine/Danemark) Bulería / Ana Lessing Menjibar (Germany)

Poema a Riotinto / Laura & Sira Cabrera (Spain)
Biographies / Kika Nicolela (Brazil/Belgium)
Four and a half hours / Samara Sallam (Palestine/Danemark)
Bulería / Ana Lessing Menjibar (Germany)

SATURDAY, 12 NOVEMBRE to 13 SUNDAY (Under the shooting stars) Night standing from dusk to dawn devoted to psychoanalyses, video art and performances. (from 5.14pm to 7.29am)

5.14pm (in the twilight) Chœur Tac-Til (50′ – 2016) / A blind vocal ecosystem with multiple voices (France). With Mafalda Da Camara, Mélodie Duchesne, Gihane Elhassouni, Chérifa Harzallah, Angélique Huguenin, Franck Omer, François Parra, Karine Porciero, Alex Querel, Bruno Raby, Natacha Muslera & a robot haptic. Programming: Charles Bascou In the twilight, the choir Choeur tac-til offers a concert in which the listeners will pierce the darkness. 6.13pm Notturno (20′ – 2015) / Fatima Bianchi (Italy) 6.45pm Let’s have some drinks and food in the Cabaret of Omar, spiced with simultaneous selected readings of Freud and Lacan 8.59pm A conference by Gérard Wajcman: “The pornography of horror” Writer and psychoanalyst in Paris, member of ECF (Freud school of psychoanalysis) and lecturer at the University Paris 8, author of the book L’œil absolu (Denoël, 2010). 9.54pm Selected readings of Freud and Lacan

Causette / Samuel Bester (France) Arash / Maral Pourmandan (Iran/France)

Causette / Samuel Bester (France)
Arash / Maral Pourmandan (Iran/France)

10.31pm Real life is like a poetical effort that ricochets the new horizons to here on the Drunk Boat of our imperturbable images 8 video by João Cristovão Leitão (Portugal), Bob Kohn & François Gaulon (France), Maral Pourmandan (Iran), Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Koeperl (Austria/Germany), Laura & Sira Cabrera (Spain), Johanna Thomas & Aurore Senave (France), Eleni Gioti (Greece), Gérard Chauvin (France). 11.39pm Round table: “Are we ever poet enough? “ with Hervé Castanet, Gérard Wajcman, Julien Blaine, Florence Pazzottu and Marc Mercier (moderator: Pamela King) To spark the debate: Lacan Dalida (6’30 – 2000) / Pascal Lièvre (France) 00.34am Selected readings of Freud and Lacan 1.13am The gaze of hearing (1) 5 video by Nicole Jolicoeur (Quebec), Samuli Laine (Finland), Inés Wickmann (Colombia), Reem Zaghmout & Malak Elghuel (Belize/Libya), Samuel Bester (France). 1.41am Round table “The eye and the voice “ with Hervé Castanet, Gérard Wajcman, Christian Sébille, Francisco Ruiz de Infante, Natacha Muslera, Marc Mercier (moderator : Dominique Pasco). 2.20am The gaze of hearing (2) 5 video by Alain Basso (France), Petra Zlonoga (Croatia), Mathilde Leroy (France), Jean-Louis Accettone (France), Clio Simon (France). 3.17am Selected readings of Freud and Lacan 3.29am Beginning of the performance Sitting and Smiling (240′) / Benjamin Bennett (USA); a web streaming with the artist workshop in Philadelphia. It will end at 7.29am with the sunset. 3.52am Epic Theatre to sail under the stars BUTCHER: Chin up, good gentlemen! We’re not yet dead and therefore still alive. MULBERRY: Not to be dead is not the same as living. (Excerpt from The résistible rise of Arturo Ui by Bertolt Brecht) 2 video by Magali Dougoud & Nicolas Raufaste (Switzerland/France) and by Kika Nicolela (Brazil) 5.03am Selected readings of Freud and Lacan 5.34am Once knocked down, the walls become bridges (Angela Davis) 4 video by Claudia Araya López (Chile/Argentina), Ho Pei Ling (Taïwan), Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy), Azelle Huguet (France) 6.20am Let’s have breakfast and selected readings of Freud and Lacan. 6.48am Grande entrée par la Compagnie Gigacircus : Gustavo Alvarez (Mexique), Lionel Camburet & Sylvie Marchand (France) (Ritual, video screening and performance) 7.29 (Sunset) End of the performance in streaming Sitting and Smiling by Benjamin Bennett 7.42am To go beyond the limits of (the sexagesimal calculation) night, here comes the screening of a video pursuing the body of women which disappear under their virginal dress… The stolen bride (an unconvincing attempt) (42’10 – 2016) / Marc Mercier (France) … Free frolics and debates can continue at the bar, informal pause times where can be discussed the most relevant topics, where we build incredible relationships and where the bodies and lyrics are loosened.

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