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The counter wishes of Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques 2017

The counter wishes of Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques 2017

It is now 10 years that the electronic poet Gianni Toti departed this world

All that has to happen is the dance of a few threepenny marguerites. Lost travellers becoming kites in the rising sun. Colours revolutionizing of the law of gravity. Objects unchaining themselves. Men escaping their fake attachments. Strenght being combined to grace. Then, we will pave the way for opacity and intensity of life to join and confront. Nothing less than this amazing desire to pay a tribute to someone we miss, ever: Gianni Toti. Poevolutionary, dead on January, 8th 2007 in Rome. Gianni Toti, a poet, film-maker, video artist, actor, magazines director, journalist, spent his life metAMOURphosing images and words freeing our energy for transforming our planet to finally be able to dwell it poetically. His death left as orphans all those who loved-and-burned, who have the passion of living and struggling for a better world. He left to reach the stars, the chaosmos. A shooting star. We just need to sharpen our eyes to keep them watchful. You, persecutors in Aleppo, migrants smugglers, customs officers of critical thought, traders of artificial happiness, puppeteers of accepted xenophobia, quake in fear! A spectre is haunting the West: the spectre of the expression of freedom. Here are the poets. If one falls, another will come from the shadows. And what really irritates those who coldly calculate how to maintain our lives market-oriented is that poets can laugh. This is why Gianni Toti will be the guest of honour at the 30th Festival les Instants Vidéo, in November 2017. A tribute to all the video art and electronic poets who took part in this beautiful and exciting story since 1988. To all those who placed their critical, watchful and helpful trust in us during our journey, from Manosque to Marseilles, Casablanca, Damascus, Ramallah, Gaza, Beyrouth, Alexandria, Oran, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Montreal, Tokyo, Mexico, Cagliari, Bishkek, Zagreb…To those who didn’t relinquish their wings, Icarus, who are not discouraged from flying by the fear of falling. We wish a surprising and happy year 2017 to the true adventurers, not the ones to whom adventures happen but those who create them.

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