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A collaborative project: Program’actors

A collaborative project: Program’actors

When the stranger comes

The project Les Programm’acteurs (Program’actors) is the result of a long-lasting partnership based on trust, between Les Instants Vidéo and associations working in the social and disability fields, with whom we are sharing a curiosity (care) to the world. Together, we drew an artistic sign we named When the stranger comes (from the poem by Yannis Ritsos). What brought us together is a desire to share an art experience, the belief that this project can give the opportunity to get involved in the life of our city, and that these cultural encounters can transform us, shake our intellectual attitudes and positions and our view of the world. This experimental project began at the end of 2016, with four groups of volunteers (including social workers) coming from four social organisations from Marseilles: ADPEI, le SARA, l’ARI, et l’ANEF. As a cultural process that offers another way of practising the artistic object, it will bring the participants to gradually leave their viewer position to build a high quality video art program. Protagonists of the cultural development of their territory, the participants will then share their selection with an audience in order to present their experience of the project, and support it in a real situation of public programming. For the first public screening, we choose a cinema in a neighbourhood, Gyptis cinema, to gives preference to a more familiar exchange between inhabitants and participants’ families, cultural actors and artists: Wednesday, June 28 (6pm). The second screening will take place during the 30th edition of the Festival Les Instants Vidéo, and it should be the occasion of a larger crossing of audiences (families, festival regulars, local and international artists and cultural operators…).

Our partners

ADPEI This non-profit association is working since 1987 in the field of social economy in Marseilles, with the purpose to support social and professional integration by means of specific measures: temporary work, social and professional counselling, digital tools training, collective actions… SARA – CADA Its aims since 1986 are to struggle against poverty, precariousness and social exclusion. Its social activity is wide (social emergency, accommodation, employment…) and can be in direction of families, asylum seekers, refugees, homeless… CADA is a reception centre for asylum seekers which opened in 2001. ARI Its goal is to promote and encourage the support for the integration of persons with disabilities or in social distress. For more than 30 years (1985), ARI has organised itself around the principles of social, educational, cultural and professional support, along with the necessary health care dimension. ANEF Provence – SAAS Created in 1959, the association is devoted to prevention, protection, education, social and professional integration of persons: children, teenagers, adults at moral or physical risk or experiencing exclusion. The SAAS unit welcome and support young people aged 18 to 27.     With the support of

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