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Les Instants Vidéo unwasted wishes 2018

Les Instants Vidéo unwasted wishes 2018

Since the world is made this way, our dreams must be even more tenacious. Abdellatif Laâbi

Let’s leave our descendants a great opportunity to celebrate in fifty years a lovely month of May 2018. In comparison, May 1968 (events) will appear to be a feeble simulacrum of the great international upheaval to come:

Culture will not anymore be the rattle of the privileged few in desperate search of thrills. Sexual deprivation, scrupulously planned by the coalition of the religious, the States and the traders of erotic-romantic dreams imitating the dominant/dominated relationships spread by the culture and leisure industry, will just be an old nightmare converted into a richness of consensual and shared pleasures. Work released from the class struggle, will be an endless source of imaginative fulfilment. Global warming cultivated by the veneration of technocratic progress and the growth for the Growth, will be changed into a warming of human relationships and a poetic and passionate disruption of the senses. The organised crime against migrants will be replaced by a natural hospitality for newcomers, and will celebrate melting pots resulting from joyful and multicoloured close-combats. Palestine will be free, with the only mission to be the peace adviser for the word’s last belligerents corrupted by war-mongering stupidity or the cult of virility. No-one will have to knee down anymore, apart to pick four-leaf clovers or to pull the petals from a daisy. And above all: etc. etc. etc.

This is the way Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques wishes us all to leave an excellent year 2018, with the obstinacy of life lovers.

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