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The festival: performances in Marseille

The festival: performances in Marseille

FRAC PACA – Sunday, November 5, 5pm 20 Boulevard de Dunkerque, 13002 Marseille

La chambre du cercle 1 / Lydie Parisse (France) A performance by the artist, followed by a conversation between Pascal Jourdana (La Marelle) and Marc Mercier (Instants Vidéo) on the theme “Poetry and image, room and anteroom”.

Les Variétés cinema – Friday, November 10, 6.31pm 37 rue Vincent Scotto 13001 Marseille

Immigration in suitcase (30/35′ – 2007) / Neno Belchev (Bulgaria) Based on the idea that we unconsciously feel empathy with the characters in movie or on the picture we watch, the artist decides to create a situation in which he identifies himself with the migrants, wishing that the spectators will do the same as well and feel their pain. From there, maybe, the urge to do something will rise…

Immigration in suitcase (30/35′ – 2007) / Neno Belchev (Bulgaria)


Friche la Belle de Mai – Saturday, November 11 41 rue Jobin, 13003 Marseille

3pm (Tour, 3rd floor) Toni / Di Pelle (skin tones) (30′ – 2016) / Francesca Fini (Italy) A landscape that always tells a different story, our skin, is scanned with a digital microscope showing details that look like unknown planets maps. An infinite variety of colors, tones, textures, shapes, patterns and imperfections – sometimes frightening – which are transformed into digital information producing live generative sounds and visuals, in the synergy of the random movement of my hand. I’m naked in front of two neon lights, backing the audience so that only the outline of my body is visible. I pass a digital microscope on my body, scanning the different textures of my skin (hair, lips, tongue and so forth). The information is then processed by a special software, reading the average color of each segment of my skin, transforming the data into generative live music. The visuals projected in front of me are the result of the processing of the image coming from the microcamera, into mesmerizing kaleidoscopic renderings, turning even the smallest imperfection/damage/DNA error into live art. The audience in the case of this performance is indifferent; I offer my back to the audience, absorbed as I am in observing and getting lost in the kaleidoscopic and hypnotic digital processing of my own skin. The audience has a voyeuristic role here; watching not my body, but the macroscopic and deformed processing of it, as in a sort of super-selfie transmitted through a filter (in this case not the filter of the Net, but that of the fourth wall produced by the theatrical staging). A performance which plays on the theme of the genre: amplified in macroscopic view the female body loses all its sexual identity. It becomes a celebration of the human essence and of cellular life itself.

TONI / DI PELLE (skin tones) (30′ – 2016) / Francesca Fini (Italy)

4pm (Grand Plateau) Suppléments d’âmes  (around 15′, 2014) / Collectif Endogène, Emmanuelle Sarrouy, Jean-Paul Noguès & Emilie Garetier Supplements of souls is a work which in a very contemporary way allies several artistic disciplines: literature, dance and video art. It is at first a text evoking how a body can carry and claim an idea and sublimate it. Then, it is by the dance that this idea is embodied : in the half-shade, a dancer who is visible only by the video projection of images on her body. Images of bright rays of light which spin to draw her silhouette in movement. And create a poetic and magic vision. To expose, intend, it is to put forward, to throw with strength to the front of oneself. Put into action, in movement in a space/time which becomes “other” and allows by its processing ” to consider differently “. The portrait and its multiple facets, as a performance of our intimate mirrors to say the world differently. There is this idea which we pursue, each in our own way, to dig, to look in the movement, the bodies, the matter and the light our part of humanity (in perpetual a becoming). Resistant, persistent, brilliant. “The creative emotion which raised these privileged souls, and which was an overflowing of vitality, spread around them : enthusiasts, them shone an enthusiasm which went out never completely and which can always find its flame.” Henri Bergs 6pm (Grand Plateau) Voix croisées (60′ – 2017) / Touria Hadraoui & Abdallah Zrika (Morocco) Les Instants Vidéo could not expect more for our 30th birthday, than the visit of these two huge artists coming from Casablanca, with whom we became friends in 1992, when we were working on what would become the 1st Video Art Festival in Morocco. Tonight, they offer us a performance with poetry and song forged for two voices. The two artists reply to each other with words and rhythms, declamations, whisperings, songs and cries. Touria Hadraoui is well known for singing the Malhun, the “melodic poem”, a form of music originated from the oasis in the South of Morocco and then sung exclusively by the masculine working-class milieu of craftsmen’ guilds, in Marrakech and Fez. Touria was also a journalist, founded a magazine, struggled for culture and the place of women. She has one of the most beautiful voice in the international scene. Abdallah Zrika is a huge Moroccan poet. Arrested in 1978, and accused of undermining the sacred values of the state, he was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment. Poetry offence. Since his release in 1980, he developed a significant poetic and literary work, and is now one of the authors writing in Arabic to be largely known in Morocco and abroad. For him, the word comes from an in-between of hard and brittle.   8.30pm (Grand Plateau) ORDRE / DÉSORDRE & Corps désiré (12’56 – 2017) / Gerard Chauvin & Lanah Shaï (France) Video performance manifesto about the desire of being and what has to be endured to follow through with a yearning. This inner power, this deep desire, leads us to go for ideals or for a better situation and allows us to to find our proper way in the world we are living in. In the video performance, Lanah Shaï personifies her own story and personal quest. But this art work is also an evocation of the boundless search for identity of a whole population, most of the time in great distress. Lanah’s selfies made after her surgeries attest to the suffering one has to go through to obtain at last “this body that we don’t have”. from 10.30pm to 2am (Allée de la salle Seita) La Bulle (2017) / Denis Cartet (France) Party night with the Bubble, a spherical video musical transnational installation-performance by Denis Cartet (France), to start the night under the stars, along with images, songs and dances. Denis Cartet screens on a large white sphere measuring 6 metres diameter, a selection of video made of flashbacks, of touching, rare, and beautiful archives. These selected moments of our historical memory invite us to dance and enjoy. Denis Cartet is a film and video maker. He is a resident in la Friche la Belle de Mai in Marseille since 1996, founder and director of the association Digital Borax (www.digitalborax.org). As a digital artist, he is a pioneer in making live video show, veejaying (since 1999). His images, always original visual creations, accompany on stage groups of musicians, DJs, supporting the uniqueness of each music. Currently, he is on tour with the artist Imhotep (from the group IAM) behind his latest album Kheper Dub.

La Bulle (2017) / Denis Cartet (France)

La Fosse – Sunday, November 12 63 rue Jean Cristofol 13003 Marseille

7.30pm Retournement (environ 8′ – 2017) / Esmeralda da Costa (Portugal / France) A physical performance with the sound complicity of Cécile Le Talec around 8.30pm à la recherche de l’objet petit a ou le rien magnifique (15′ – 2016) / Doriane Souilhol (France) I propose an experimental form articulated as a free adaptation, a poetical drift about the Lacanian concept « objet little a ». In psychoanalysis the objet little a refers to the objet of desire but this is more of objet as cause of desire, unpresentable and unspeakable around which the subject constructs itself. Would be the Absolute object? An hole-object, lack-object which is conspicuously absent, necessary for the emergence of the desire. We will be talking among other things about blank page, black book we will cross the landscapes of the Klein’s « vide » and Duchamp’s « infamince ». We will looking at a possible mapping of the (im) possible appearance of the « objet little a » in contemporary art.

à la recherche de l’objet petit a ou le rien magnifique (15′ – 2016) / Doriane Souilhol (France)

Around 10pm Venomous Master (20/30′ – 2017) / Naoyuki Tanaka (Japan / France) Dú Shou is a kind of legendary Kung-fu from the ancient China. It is said that the masters exercised in striking a tray full of poison, made of a mixture of 5 animals (red snakes, geckos, spiders, toads, millipedes), in order to have a poison hand able to kill the opponent in a single strike. Most of the time, those who used this technique perished with their poison. Today, the kind of Kung-fu is prohibited, but it can be seen in manga or Chinese films.

ARI – Wednesday, November 15 30 impasse des quatre portails 13014 Marseille

7pm L’arbre de vie (20’/2017) Aziz Boumediene (Morocco/France) The artist’s inspiration comes from Butoh dancing he associates with body painting and music. An introspective dance featuring, in a symbolic and pictorial gesture, the tree and the bird, the relationship between the roots and the wings he bears. It is a way for him to question the various possible relationships between a desire to know his own story and his desire of freedom, of changes, of opening to the elsewhere. The tree of life is also a parabola of the urge to keep the connection with the tree, the nature, these sources of creation and life. 8.30pm A concert by the group Drôles de Drames (France) Jean-Jacques Blanc, José dos Santos, Rémy Chaillan & Fred Albertini will enjoy us and make us dream with their songs and musics. They will take us from funky disorders and fever pitch to a more lyrical, sensitive or even tender space.

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