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Cultural Rights, </br>May 1968 & the Arab Spring</br>  Tunis, May 11 & 12, 2018

Cultural Rights,
May 1968 & the Arab Spring
Tunis, May 11 & 12, 2018

(Poster: One doesn’t fall in love with a growth rate)

We launched a cycle of meetings on the Cultural Rights in November 2017 in Marseille. The idea is to enlarge the reflection at a euro Mediterranean scale, not only because civil societies of this territory are sharing many values, experiences and goals but also because Cultural Rights are still a key issue on both side of the Mediterranean sea.

2018 is the 50 anniversary to the cultural and social events known as Mai 68.The events did not only take place in Paris but all over the word. They did not only happen in May 68 but continue throughout the 70s. They did not only involve students but also workers. It also was an intense time for innovative artistic expressions.
In these years, all spheres of social and cultural life were questioned and debated.

1968, is also the last time in France, and in many other countries in the world, where the word “revolution” had a positive connotation. Then, up to 2011, it will only mean gulag in USSR, cultural revolution in China, Khmer Rouge in Cambodia…

The Arab Spring reactivated the positive strength of the word, containing the aspiration of a people for more individual and collective freedom, that is to say for the recognition of Cultural rights (CR).

Program of the 2 days of encounters

Friday, 11

10am to 5pm : A professional meeting, a time for sharing practises and collective analysis. What can we learn from the May 68 and Arab Spring events, in term of Cultural Rights enforcement?

6pm – public screening From May 68 to the Arab Spring (free entrance)

Ce n’est qu’un début (10’ – 1968) / Michel Andrieu (France)
Fist film to be screened in1968, made in the first half of May.
Jusqu’au bout (40’ – 1973) / Collective film collectif (France)
In the 1973 spring, the hunger strike of 56 Tunisian workers in a church in Paris, for the freedom of expression, the right of association and of working orders. But at first, we discover how was enlisted the labour force in Tunisia.
The Devil (7′ – 2012 ) Jean-Gabriel Periot (France)
“You don’t know who we are.” (Black Panthers)
Pousses de printemps (2014 – 23’) / Intissar Belaïd (Tunisie)
In Tunisie, in the rural areas of the Kef, children tells the story of their revolution.

Saturday 12

1pm to 5pm  : Public encounters (free entrance) where we will be able to share our concerns and analysis with the Tunis audience, starting from two revolutionary contexts, May 68 and the Arab Spring. “Suddenly” the people regain the exercise of their sovereignty and experiment with nex way of living together.

Part 1- Cultural Rights and May 68: presentation, screening and discussion.

La reprise du travail aux usines Wonder (10’ – 1968) / Jacques Willemont & Pierre Bonneau (France)
Cinétracts (10’ (extrait) – 1968) / Anonymous ;
Syria Today (0’50 – 2012) / collective Abou Naddara (Syria) ;
Mikono (11’ – 1968) / Michel Humeau (France) ;
Le F.H.A.R. (Front Homosexuel d’Action Révolutionnaire) (26′ – 1971) / Carole Roussopoulos (Switzerland / France)

Part 2 – Cultural Rights and the Arab Spring: screening of the film made in Tunisia
Je danserai malgré tout (58’ – 2017) / Blandine Delacroix (France – Tunisia) in the compagny of the Director and the Tunisian organisation Danseurs Citoyens.

Part 3 – General Assembly for a Tunis Statement on Cultural Rights

Proposed by

Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques
Réseau Euromed France
Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies 

with the participation of

Art Rue, Chouftouhonna Festival, Mawjoudine Queer Film Festival, Danseurs Citoyens
the artistes Hela Ammar, Nicene Kossentini …

ARI (Association Régionale d’Integration), La Ligue de l’Enseignement 13, la Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Martigues, le Master Métier du cinéma documentaire de l’Université Aix-Marseille,


Thanks to ART RUE for generously hosting the encounters
40, rue Kouttab Louzir – Médina de Tunis

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