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A festival of trans-national migrations

A festival of trans-national migrations

Les Instants Vidéo dont give up: there is an emergency  for a free circulation of bodies, desires, thoughts and art works, as fireflies in the semi-darkness of an era in search of its identity. From 1993, we started cultural and artistic cooperations we wanted sustainables (Europe, North Africa, Middle-East, Central Asia, Asia, North and South America). Together with our partners, we are forming a fragile, sensitive and fighter constellation.
The 28th Festival Les Instants Vidéo is are therefore making dizzying escapades with exquisite artists. We follow our desire of a radical hospitality and try to brings together all those who didn’t give up putting their wings on.

Palestine (Ramallah, Jaba’, Jérusalem, Bethlehem, Gaza)
Festival /si:n/4 (Video art and Performance) July 7 to 9

Ce qui sur-vit / Mathieu Sanchez (France)
Sweat / Hasan Tanji (Palestine)
Karrajong Heights; Another day West of Highway 62 / Tessa Garland (GB)
Fragments of a letter to a child unborn / Maryam Tafakory (Iran/GB)
BASEball, Home or Away / Christopher Chiu (GB)
Mete-o-rology or How Jean Baudrillard Forecasted our Dooms / PirarucuDuo (Fernando Visockis & Thiago Parizi) (Brazil/Finland)
The Tree / Muhammad Mustapha (Egypt)
Diphthongs / Tusia Dabrowska (Poland/USA)
Distributed self / Daniel Pinheiro (Portugal)
Infinite Jetzt / Julie Pfleiderer (Belgium/Germany)
Bill Viola Experience infinity / Jean-Paul Fargier (France)
Féminismes (installation); Aérobic féministe Simone de Beauvoir (Performance) / Pascal Lièvre
Öffnen (reinforcement) / installation de Roland Kranz (Germany)
Poisson ; Hibou / installations by Bertrand Gadenne (France)
Distance Between / installation by Xiaowen Zhu (Chine/GB)
Paradise / installation by Max Philipp Schmid (Switzerland)
The other raison / installation by Henri Gwiazda (USA)

September 1 to 5: Festival Geografie Sommerse in Armungia
September 23 to 27: Festival Terra Mobile in Cagliari

Ce qui sur-vit / Mathieu Sanchez (France)
Théâtre meets ritual / Odin Teatret (Danemark)
Finding Light / Paul Philippou (Greece)
Kafr Ashry / François Lejault (France)
Su misura / Augenblick (Italie)
The Pelican of the Wilderness / Maria Korporal (Netherlands)
Centipede sun / Mihai Grecu (France/Roumania)
Damage / Rania Stephan (Lebanon)
Totinouï; Polyphonie Poétique Urbaine (Ramallah); Corrida Urbaine / Marc Mercier (France)
Rocio Màrquez à Santa Cruz del Sil / Carlos Carcas (Spain)

The light - The shade  / Susanne Wiegner (Germany)

The light – The shade / Susanne Wiegner (Germany)

Marseille – September, 15
Festival Préavis de Désordre Urbain Red Plexus

Going for a ride / Nahed Awwad (Palestine)
Auto Mobile / Edouard Taufenbach (France)
Taiwan Bus / Wei-Jing Lee (Taïwan)
Wake Up Me / Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan (India)
HBRHCDBRH / Laura Cionci (Italy)
1000 Plateaus / Steven Woloshen (Canada)

Italy (Milan) – November 6 to 11 – [.Box] Galerie

Would you, in death unadorned, have me abandon my desperate passion for being in the world? (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

Me You and Themselves (2’56 – 2015) / Daria Sirtori (Italy)
Anne Frank (6’20 – 2014) / Maria Korporal (Netherlands)
Anywhere But Here (14′ – 2014) / Shubhangi Singh (India)
Stella for tar (Sisters are Useless Tulips) (7’11 – 2015) / Melancholy Maaret & Secret Sauna Sirens (Finland/USA)
Static (2’58 – 2013) / Nouhad Hannaddaher (Lebanon)
Spanish Doping (2’42 – 2012) / Jai Du (Spain/Belgium)
How to Identify a Witch (3’34 – 2014) / Nicole Rayburn (Canada)
Fragments of a letter to a child unborn (5′ – 2015) / Maryam Tafakory (Iran/GB)
Sexy (0’50 – 2015) / Susanne Wawra (Irlande/Germany)
Jutta Mind (17′ – 2015) / Marit Shalem (Netherlands)

Visual Container TV visual container
24h/24h November 6 to December  6

It is only loving, only knowing that matters, not having loved, not having known. (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

Silently Like a Comet (8’14 – 2014) / Anna Kryvenko (Czech Republic/Ukrain)
Mete-o-rology or How Jean Baudrillard Forecasted our Dooms (4’30 – 2015) / Pirarucu Duo (Fernando Visockis & Thiago Parizi) (Brazil/Finland)
AmericaAntiAmerica (3’35 – 2014) / Neil Needleman (USA)
The Omelet Manifesto (9’05 – 2015) / Silvia Amancei & Bogdan Armanu (s.a.b.a) (Roumania)
Rêve rose #1 Pink Dream (11’09 – 2013) / Isabelle Rozenbaum (France)
The light – The shade (7’07 – 2014) / Susanne Wiegner (Germany)
Taklif (10′ – 2014) / Maryam Tafakory (Iran/GB)
Las Partes (4’05 – 2014) / Sebastian Tedesco (Argentina)
No born (4’44 – 2014) / Ausín Sáinz (Spain)
Fall up, float down (7’36 – 2015) / Ka Lun Leung (Hong-Kong)

Infinite Jetzt (19' – 2014) : Julie Pfleiderer (Belgium:Germany)

Marseille – November 17
Three TV sets with o2zone, in  the association ADPEI

In the frame of its project media, the High school Aubanel together with o2zone organise 3 TV set to meet and discuss with Instants Vidéo team about the main issues of this year festival. According to o2zone participative approach, the  set will be prepared and presented by the pupils.  Indeed, the citizen-oriented media o2zone aims at support encouraging the expression of the voices of citizen and local democracy, by inviting different social actors of the territory to contribute to local development.
The set are open to everybody, and the program will be on free access on o2zone TV.

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