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Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques                                                  administration@instantsvideo.com
Friche la Belle de Mai                                                                                    ☎ +33 (0)4 95 04 96 24
41 rue Jobin                                                                                                           +33 (0)6 62 47 18 99
13003 Marseille

 Depuis 2007,  l’association est résidente à la Friche


  1. Sergio · 8 février 2013 Reply

    Where are the Rules and Regulations or guidelines of the Film Festival and what is the deadline for submitting entries?
    I cant find them on the web site and I would like to know it.
    Thanks! Greetings!

    • Instants Vidéo · 8 février 2013 Reply

      Dear Sergio,
      The answer you are looking for is on the page 2013 “Registration festival 2013”.
      Thank you for your interest

  2. tourte nicolas · 15 mars 2013 Reply

    Bonjour, je souhaite recevoir votre contact mail, votre newsletter et vos appels à projet,

    Merci d’avance,

    Nicolas Tourte / Visual artist
    +33 (0) 6 73 18 83 97

    • Instants Vidéo · 15 mars 2013 Reply

      Bonjour Nicolas, et merci de votre intérêt pour nos activités. Voici un mail ou vous pouvez nous joindre administration@instantsvideo.com.
      Et nous enregistrons votre adresse pour vous tenir informé de la suite…
      Bien à vous
      l’équipe ☺

  3. Yani · 12 février 2015 Reply

    Hello, I am submitting a video to your 2015 call, which is about the stereotypes…
    but I am forced to choose between binary gender (male / female). I haven’t seen this in any other submissions, why is this an obligatory field in your form? Isn’t this contrary to your theme?
    Also, why do you need to know my nationality and not just where I live in?

  4. Instants Vidéo · 20 février 2015 Reply

    Dear Yani, that’s a discussion we have been having for long and …. we welcome any better ideas.
    When are totally aware that there are many possibles and that’s why there is a space to fulfill in the registration form (instead of a binary choice to cross), but we made a mistake in the online registration which will be corrected straight away.
    What is still difficult for us is how to speak/write about you, the artist, on our catalogue or on press article ? We are always confronted in French with the gender agreement between nouns and adjectives….
    For the question of nationality, I had a look in our past catalogue. And it is true that we always specify one or more countries when presenting a work of art, sometimes it is the place of work of the artist, or the place where the work was done, or is about…. up to the artist to specify in fact.
    Thank you for your remark and looking forward to meeting you

  5. Matthis · 14 janvier 2016 Reply

    Je souhaite savoir quand et comment on peut vous faire des propositions pour votre festival 2016 ?

    merci d’avance.

  6. Eija Temisevä · 17 avril 2016 Reply

    I wonder if the above email address of yours (administration@instantsvideo.com) is the right address to send my video via wetransfer to your next festival, which deadline is June 3rd 2016?
    I did not see any email address of yours in the submission form.

    Eija Temisevä

  7. adriana amodei · 28 avril 2016 Reply

    je suis adriana amodei . Je recu votre e-mail . Je envoiè l’inscription pour le Festival. Pouvez vous me donnè un adresse e-mail ou je peu envoiè le video?

  8. pH · 23 janvier 2017 Reply


    I’m interested in having a chance to submit my work to Instant Video Festival though
    I am not sure how I can submit it,,, Also I wonder that I should wait for “registration 2017”
    Please give me more information about it ,


    • Instants Vidéo · 24 janvier 2017 Reply

      Hi pH, we will open our call within a week and you will therefor be able to submit your work. Thanks for your interest.

    • Instants Vidéo · 26 janvier 2017 Reply

      Hi pH, Thank you for your interest. The call should be open within a week, on our main page.

  9. Kezia Barnett · 2 juin 2017 Reply

    Hi there,
    Your festival sounds great. I have a short film I would like to enter but we cannot release it on the internet yet. I note you have a condition of a database online. Is it possible to not include a film in this?
    Please let me know

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